New Trials Uni Finally !!

Hey all, i finally got my new uni after 2 and a half months of buying parts from everywhere, yay !

the setup is

KH 07 fame, street saddle, post and clamp

Koxx isis hub and cranks

VIZ rim

jimmy c’s - glow in the dark hehe :stuck_out_tongue:

maxxis cc

total cost = $way too much.

i’ve ridden it for hours today, and i am now better at everything i slgeed away at on my nimbus 24"

That looks really good, even with the KH frame!
Cool uni!

yea, its an awesome trials uni. when i tried it out, i pretty much got better at trials straight away, its pretty bouncy as well!

EDIT: one more reason why we should finish off our crappy trials course!

haha yeah, i havent been down to the trials course for aaaaages, we need the get the tarp structure down from the yard as well, it blew over.

we should try and make a good course finally

oh yeah, SUPER bouncy :stuck_out_tongue:

i rekon we should start again. like get a different place or something, that place is just crap and small and everything is so bunched up and its really easy!

putting it to good use

pretty nice looking…although i would’ve gone w/ a different color rim

i dont need a ledge to ride on

Nice unicycle!
Like the rim verrrrrrrrry much :astonished:

man if you think you have a crappy trials course you shpould come and see alex’s and i’s coures

and bloody nice uni

you have to let me ride kneels


thats hot… extremely hot

Thats awsome! I cant wait to get my KH frame. That is a sweet trials uni.

That looks sweet. good choice in pedals.

O yea and i know its not much but100th Post!

do the jimmy c’s provide good grip for your feet?

theyre absoloutly fantastic.

they arent as grippy as a pair of safus, but grippy enough for trials and street. i love them

I got safus on my trails:P they pwn you all. hehe

i’ve got a pair of snafus and jimmy c’s.

i chose the jimmy c’s to put on my trials.

jimmy c’s own you all :stuck_out_tongue:

what’s up with the little strings hanging from the bottom of the seat?