New Trials Playground

After spending 1/2 a day playing with power tools, Andrew Carter and myself have made the basis for a really nice portable Trials Playground.

It consists of a 1m x 1m platform that is 45cm high. The legs unscrew and have the ability to be adjusted for uneven ground. There is also a removable ramp and a set of 2 stairs.

Soon there will be the addittion of a steep ladder, a narrow balance beam, a few A-Frames and a big box to gap onto (and to keep the stairs and A-Frames in).

I have already had a fall that made my shin bleed. It is a shame that my new shin pads were inside the house at the time.

All it needs now is a nice coat of red paint to hide the potential blood stains and some grip tape on the steps for when the weater is wet.

I am sure that Andrew will have photos of it up soon.

Wayne van Wijk

Re: New Trials Playground

Of your shin? :astonished:

Here are the photos…they’re at the bottom of this page:

Do you know roughly how many people are interested in joining us at Woodford? How did you injure yourself? Kris gave some really helpful suggestions about sandwich boards (among other things) in that other thread about trials playgrounds. If you get the chance have a read of them. I think we should, as he suggested, make the sandwich boards with the plywood on the outside of the planks. I’m going to make one at home hopefully today but I’ll have to buy a set of hinges. I had a look and the ones that are the same size as the ones we picked up are almost $20! I know it’s hard to believe but that’s what they were marked as. I’ll shop around a bit and try to find some cheaper ones of similar quality.

I was also thinking that maybe we could make some sort of springboard. It wouldn’t be too big and bulky and would be very entertaining for the crowds. It should be easy enough to make too.


door hinges should be strong and very lowly priced.

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i didn’t even look at the date, i guess i clicked last on the page thingy for rsu instead of MR …