New trials/muni frames - KOXX

Have you seen the new trials/muni frames from KOXX, 24 0r 26

Or is this old news?



And Koxx-one seats

Roland ( said his getting the range of koxx-one(splined and nonsplinde) unis in soon also.

Im looking at getting a muni next year some time (hopefully early next year), and considering the Koxx-one 24" splined Muni.

160 splined cranks!!. They aluminium and dont have a pinch bolt - does anyone have views on aluminium splined cranks with no pinch bolt?

Check out

Does any one here ride a Koxx-one, any feedback would be appreciated.


Wow a gel seat!? Nice… Here is the Description:

"Customer ask us if there any gel seats for unicycles - yes!

This saddle is flat like a freestyle seat but more cushy. If you need a saddle where are you not sit deep in (because you will leave it very fast for tricks) and you like a comfortable one - choose this saddle.

This saddle comes from the same manufacturer like the Kris Holm ones. So some parts like handle and baseplate are equally."

Oh and Alot of items were added on the 16th of November.


I want that saddle. That is just what I´ve been looking for.

its sort of a miyatta KH hybrid it looks like… since the recent unfortunate homesurgery incident with my old KH seat i may be attempting a simmilar franken seat transformation.

You can have a look on this

and also on this, sorry it’s in french !

go on “Matos” and then on “monos” or “pièces”


PS : he received his uni just 2 weeks ago so not a lot of people have one…
just a few of his friend had the occasion to use one. I just tried the freestyle one, and now I would love to have one.

Killer seat!

I think that seat will be really heavy, though. Otherwise it’ll be great.

I like the fact that they used ISIS splines, but I am questioning whether or not aluminum cranks will be very safe. From what I hear, they have the tendency to fail catastrophically, which isn’t very good. At CMW Ryan and Zack snapped their profiles, but could still ride out o the trail. If those had been aluminum they would’ve just snapped without warning. It’ll be nice to hear the results of tests.

This is exciting isn’t it!

I need that saddle.

I think it is just what I need… The kris holm seat is comfortably padded, to be sure, but it seems more aggressive than what I really need, and not so great for distance riding lest i get numb parts in my pants… Methinks this gel seat could be really awesome. Where can I get? Is there any US vendor?

It looks like Koxx has some neat stuff.

From the pictures it looks like I’d like the shape of that seat for freestyle and trials. The thing I haven’t liked about the KH seats is that there is too much curve in them for freestyle or trials use.

They have a hub with ISIS splines and aluminum alloy cranks to match. The cranks are 7075 alloy which means they’re probably strong cranks. They’ve got ISIS cranks in 110 mm, 125 mm, 140 mm and 160 mm lengths. I don’t know why they don’t have the 170 mm length for their muni. Maybe the French riders are believers in shorter cranks for muni. Their muni is speced with 140’s!

I hope we’ll be able to get that seat over here in the U.S. And I hope that the seat is reinforced enough so it isn’t flexy and prone to breakage.


You can get the Koxx One product here :

550 SW Industrial Way Suite 23
Bend, OR 97702-1080
Tel.: 541.318.6188
Fax: 541.317.0178

French Rider who love Koxx one Uni !!!

What does ISIS splines mean?

FYI: some new Koxx one products added to
Same Trials/freestyle seat without the gel.

ISIS is a spline standard developed by TruVativ, RaceFace and Chris King. Here’s some information about it from the TruVativ web site: ISIS Drive info. ISIS stands for International Spline Interface Standard.

There is also info at the ISIS web site. There are two ISIS designs. The ISIS Drive is the new spine design. The ISIS Overdrive is a new bottom bracket design for the more hard core freeriding and downhill use.

A while ago Shimano introduced a proprietary spline design for their road components and their XC mountain bike components. It was their design, they had the patents on it, and they weren’t sharing. The other component companies (like TruVativ and Race Face) needed to come up with a similar spline design to keep up and compete with Shimano. They worked together and came up with the ISIS design and made it an open standard.

The spline designs that we’ve been using (Profile, KH, Onza, etc.) have been taken from BMX style components. The ISIS design is taken from MTB style components.

Anyone find the KOXX ONE Gel seat in the US? I could not.

I emailed WEBCYCLERY last weekend and haven’t heard back.

Follow-up. Webcyclery did answer my email about the gel seat. I ordered a koxx-one gel seat, should have mid January.