*new Trials Movie!*

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Ok, as not many people replied to my thread about the weekend at my house, and the fact I would like people to review the movie we made, I have made a new thread.

the movie is called ‘Whatever’ and is sort of back to front. Watch it to understand what I mean.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it!

Please let me know what you think,



Very cool movie. But I have one question… at arround 4:50 into the movie… is that a wooden pedal?

it wont let me in:( :angry:

Mellick, that would be Aarons gold pedal - its not wooden, and also, before you ask, its not ‘real’ gold!

Souleater12, dont know why!
Try getting in from here:
the movie is at the very end…



Cool video:) Thoes falls were really great, although some of them looked like they hurt. The riding it self was awsome:) keep it up.


Hazah im in :slight_smile: great video haha i just got grinding down and all of those looked setup lol no worries i can keep a secret about how its ALL A SETUP im great at keeping secrets lol:P

that is a damnably long link you got yourself there

i watched the film from the first thread and enjoyed it

good video. What was the subway train for?

Nice video. Good choice of music. Most of the falls and stuff look staged and exagerrated, which is fine, but it makes it look like a “JACKASS” movie. Good “outtakes”. Solid stuff. Where 'bouts was the coastal stuff?

dunno, but that cat was cool & cute!

All those errors and falls reminds me to a quote of Isaac Asimov: “The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not ‘Eureka!’ (I found it!) but ‘That’s funny …’” or another one: “scientists never make mistakes, they find new posibilities”.
Anyway, all those falls are usefull as you learn by making mistakes.
And the outakes are good to!

That was a very fun bit of unicycle porn. I liked the backwards presentation, but of course it woudn’t be as effective with a “cold” or non-unicycling audience. Until the “outtakes” part started, I thought you guys were just a bunch of posers trying to fool us into believing your could actually do all those hard moves!

My favorite shot was the one where the three guys jump directly over the camera. A cool viewpoint. Good thing it was in the outtakes section, not in the “Oops, last shot we filmed” section!

During the first part though, it was beginning to look too much like a skateboard video. Not a skateboard video, but a video of what I see guys doing with skateboards. Trying over and over to do tricks they can’t do, and not wearing any pads. Yes, you guys had your legs covered, but apparently none of you has had hand, wrist or head injuries yet. You’re still a couple of notches above the skateboarders. Even if many of the crashes were obviously planned.

All in all very fun. I liked the miscellaneous non-unicycling shots stuck in. A break from all the “porn” is always nice.

Very nice, you guys are getting really good. But shouldn’t it be ‘The Start’ instead of the end? :slight_smile: I liked the long fence rides with the 90 degree turn in the middle. Very nice.

Joe, Aaron and Simon’s Vid


Very irresponsible lads!

Sorry Joe, I havnt seen the vid yet I can download it at work but the file wont open on work pc’s. ******* IT Dept!

It sounds good and I very much look forward to seeing it when I get home.



Thanks guys.

Tim, as John Foss said, ‘a break from the porn is always nice’. We got the train, so I thought I may aswell video it…

BoojiBoy, the coastal stuff was in Whitley Bay, where I live.

John, thats true about the backwards presentation not being understood by none-unicyclists. Aaron posted the movie on a MTB forum, and they didnt understand until he told them. Once they knew, they were loving it!
I know what you mean about skateboarders trying things over and over again with no luck what so ever! I was wearing leg pads and gloves, as was Aaron. Aaron was also wearing his helmet. I had mine with me to use at the lighthouse, but most of the riding was very spontanious (spell?). I usually always wear my protective stuff. I think wearing it is a good example to anyone else watching the movie.
I’m glad you found it fun - that was out aim. We also wanted to do something different and stupid at the same time. :slight_smile:

Mr Carter. How are you doing? I havnt talked to you in a while. Pleased you liked my ride along the fence. Thats a great idea about having ‘Start’ at the end. Which we had thought of that one!

Simon, I sent Aaron the CD yesterday, and he got it this morning. Donesnt seem to want to work though. Should play fine in WMP.
Aaron was wearing all his protective stuff. I was just lacking a helmet, and Simon, well… he never wears protective gear…

Thanks all for your comments…



I’m doing very well thanks Mr Baxter. I did my first solo (although with somebody speaking for me but I was the only unicyclist) trials unicycling gig at Australia Zoo the other day and got paid $300 for 4 hours work. Not bad hey! I have a entertainer friend who will keep an eye out for more gigs for me too.

There’s an English guy over here in Brisbane at the moment and another coming in a couple of months…why don’t you follow suit? You know you want to. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry andrew… but Joe is coming here to Perth. I’ve got big plans for the little bugger (even though he’s probably several inches taller than me). I’ve spotted some good trials lines for him, stuff that I’d like to do if I was only good enough. But hey, I’m working on it!

So $75 an hour you got, ey? Slightly better than $6.04 an hour :smiley:



You all have some great skills and style. Nice “Outtakes” section.