New trials Frame

Well…Evan Byrne made me a frame. I think it looks pretty cool. The only bad thing is that the crown cuts my leg because its sharp.:o
you can ask questions and evan will answer because i dont know anything about it, i just ride it :sunglasses:
Here are some pics
and this one shows an ugly weld:)

i was welding .015 to .090 and it was really freak to weld.

ah! that crown looks dangerous, you should consider plastic caps or something.

Evan, for thin to thick welds, concentrate the heat on the thick metal by starting the spark on the thick metal and aiming it at it. Also, try to make the thick metal be above hte thin metal, so the heat gets concentrated on the thick instead of the thin. Noticing the heat marks on the seattube, it looks like you applied heat for way too long. Try starting with a higher heat and getting the puddle to start immediately. The faster you get the puddle started, the fewer heat marks you’ll have.

Otherwise, it looks like a good frame. Two things to keep in mind: When you’re done, hit the welds and the areas around them with a wirewheel, It’ll make them look lots better. Be sure to wear eye protection. Also, chrome is very unhealthy to inhale. Next time you need to weld to chrome parts (the bearing caps), try filing or grinding the chrome off (wear a good dust mask, and make sure it fits), and I’ve also heard drinking milk beforehand is good. I don’t know if the latter is just an old welders’ tale.

In my opinion, the frame looks like it might be too weak (judged on the size of metal involved) and might not stand up to some heavy trials abuse. I think that having the frame arms drilled out is a good idea, for a bit of weight saving, however I think the crown could have been slightly better designed, and perhaps less hurtful :wink:

A few revisions and you could be onto a winner there

Evan said he will probably make me a new frame with a different kind of crown. It would probably be out of a different kind of metal too because he complained alot about welding it :slight_smile: I think this one was kind of a test because it was his first frame.

why does that tire look so big…?


maybe it’s because the metal is so skinny in comparison?

It looks nice, evan… but seriously do something about those ends before you seriously land on them.

What kind of welding?

Just out of curiousity.

The crown is spencer problem, not mine:)

Yeah, bevan, i tryed that, but its so damn hard. i should be doing thicker metal anyway, the .015 is like paper.

It is Tig welding.

Pft, thanks. I already have like a 3 inch cut on my leg from trying hickflips…

And the tire is just a normal luna.

For the crown, try grinding 45 degree miters into the edges (shouldn’t change its strength), so that the miters meet the forkleg right at the weld. Then, weld in some very light guage steel sheet over the holes. Tack at each corner and then weld opposite sides, don’t just go around in a circle. This should help the crown be at least a bit more knee friendly. Next time try shaping that area to be a bit rounder. Either hammer in some more antural shaper or just design it to be lower profile.

Nice going!

The top tube would be be hugely stronger if you closed the open ends with steel (not too light) welded all the way around. Open tubes like that distort and twist much more easily. Perhaps with a slant like gerble suggested?

Twas my first frame, i learned from it, my next one should be better.

I dont get why people complain about the strenght of the frame, the only thing u do is sit on it, if u drop the pressure is on the wheel/crank/pedals anyway.

So have anyone ever bent or broken a frame?

So have anyone ever bent or broken a frame?
check: :stuck_out_tongue:

i saw 2 Torker DX frames on that site, both broken under the seatpost and both verry rusty inside.