New trial vid from sweden.

very short film, some of my clips were delete by mistakes so…

Awesome riding.

Nice Video! That gap at about 1:10 was insane.

Nice video! Did you smack your head in the first drop? It sounded hard.

Good job you had a helmet I guess!!

Yeah that gap was really insane, great riding I really enjoyed you video.

Very cool. I liked the big street mixed in, goes really well with trials.

Although I have diffrent views on what “isnt” murder lol.

tnx for comments :slight_smile:

yee i smacked my head realy hard!
would have died not wearing helmet :wink:

This vid was soo nice:p
The gap was really insane andi liked that steel bars thingy too :roll_eyes:
I’m also gonna ride in Sweden this month :slight_smile: hope to see some spots like them

Were in sweden? We in Stockholm welcomes any guest

We’re gonna trip around with the caravan.
We stay about three days at one camping so it’s possible that I met you;)

is that a Black Domina frame for Trial?

You rock! :stuck_out_tongue:

No. its a Blackdomina for flatland but i didn’t care, i’am going to change to a xtp frame now.
thanks fredrik you rock to :slight_smile:

If the camping is near stockholm its possible. Add me to msn

really nice stuff, the start of the video seemed abit crappy, but kept on watching and i was like - ok that’s alot better.

that was a great video hopefully we will see more:)

great riding.
that big gap was awesome!