New trial vid from sweden.


That was rad, I liked the playground part. You have some massive jumping skills.

Very Cool !! I also liked the playground part and it must have been pretty hard.

awesome! trial at its best! really enjoyed watching it. there were some kreativ lines in the video (playground) i like your helmet noone other got one with that style.

looking forward so see your next video.

You’re awesome! Sick gap at 2:04, this vid needs more comments :P!

awesome vid !!! :astonished: :smiley:

Sweet. Alwaying digging the feel good music :smiley:

Some realy creative stuff in here.
Nice job.
I also see you bought a XTP frame, nice :sunglasses:
But how did you made the KH hub fit the XTP frame.
I thought the hub was to wide to fit any KOxx One alloy frames…

Relly nice trials in there, keep it up.
Liked the playground part too.

Like everyone else was saying, that playground part was awesome, nice vid.

Tnx really fun to get so much nice comments :smiley:

I did not get to Kh hub to fit the xtp frame. I brought i whole new wheel :wink:

Great! Loved the variety.:smiley:

Best trials vid I’ve seen in a long time. Liked the huge jump at 2:05 and the playground. Very creative.

Nice trials. Some creative stuff, the afters are cool too ;).

Good stuff I really liked the shot with the huge hand. best trials vid in a while!!

sick video, ended a little abruptly, but still awesome.

I really loved the hopping up that curvey ladder… that was SICK!! seriously though thought it was really cool

Nice vid, awesome music. Millencolin makes any video better :wink:

Awesome video man. You got some mad hops. :stuck_out_tongue:


wow awesome and you hop to your backfoot too! I need to go practice…