New trial uni came today but disappointment came too

FedEx delivered a new Impact gravity from UDC today. I was so excited when I got home and saw the box. I opened it and started putting it together and noticed the rim is cracked. I was so bummed out. I’ll call UDC tomorrow and see what I need to do. Not sure if I have send the entire uni back or just the wheel. I tried to call today ,but It was already after hours and they were closed.

Is it a straight crack directly across from the valve stem? If it is that’s just where the rim is pinned together.

Yes it is directly across from the valve stem. I assumed it was where the rim is connected. It looks like it is a weld that is coming apart. Is that normal and nothing to worry about? I’ll try and post a picture of it .

Are you sure its not a pinned rim instead of a welded rim?

I think that is normal.

My KH 29 Rim looks the same. It is a pinned rim I am fairly sure.

Totally normal. Your rim is fine.

Thanks for the replies. I didn’t know they were pinned, I thought they were welded. I’m excited again .

Once I was looking to the rim of my nimbus 29er and notice this “crack” just as I was in the metro, going to a 50km ride with other unicyclists.
Whaaat? Was pretty disapointed until I arrive to the rendez-vous spot and someone tells me that it’s normal.

In my picture you can see where the paint looks like a weld on the side. I never knew they pinned the rims So I thought the weld was breaking. I’m relieved and cant wait to get home from work and put it together