New Trial/Street/Flat

Hey guys!
Im searching for a new Trial. At this time I’m riding a Qu-ax 20" Trial, which is very heavy? I’m doing about 45% Trials, 35% Flat and 20% Street.

What do you think about a White Widow (Koxx, I) with a KH frame. Do you know if a KH frame fits on the Koxx?

Thx for your recommendations!


Yeah that should work. I haven’t heard of any incompatibility between the K1 hub and KH frame.


most of the unicycle hubs are 100mm wide from bearing to bearing (except if stated otherwise in the name or description) and bearings are usually 42mm in diameter (again except if old or stated otherwise).

In my case, I have built a trial wheelset around a K1 Light hub (the ISIS compliant one) and used my KH 29" frame as stand for the build work and first test.

You have plenty of choice and only money/shape/color/you-name-it will limit your choice.