New toys, and other stories

Due to the apres-project feeling of recklessness and wealth from spending evenings buried in paper rather than in the pub, I splashed out on a Fireball tyre. Not cheap, but oooo so shiny. It arrived last Wednesday; unfortunately about two hours before I had to leave for Cardiff for the rest of the week. Nevertheless, packing was put on hold and I gave the tyre a go.

It’s so smooth! I’ve gotten used to the noise of the knobbles of the Contra on the pavement, but the fireball glides silently, it’s almost perculiar. It’s very bouncy too. The only downside is because of the fairly solid edges to the flat section it’s harder to turn with than the rounder contra, and riding on a cambered surface is going to take some getting used to.

While putting it on Mum asked whether I was taking the muni to Cardiff or not. I wasn’t, due to it being rather unwieldy to take on the train if I didn’t think I was going to get much riding time in; Wednesday was spent getting there, Thursday I had to get to an interview (woo!) and back, and Friday was theoretically getting back. Of course due to the train strike I spent Friday wandering round Cardiff, desperately wishing I had brought the uni… people in Cardiff and other such cities don’t know how lucky they are, there are so many more places to ride than Lincoln or York. Large paved open spaces, steps, ledges, water features with foot wide walls around them…

This has led me to believe that the town planners of Lincoln and especially the village where I am now are intently anti-unicycling. On the South Bank in London there were places to ride round every corner; in Lincoln there is nothing at all. I saw some trials riders on bikes in Lincoln yesterday for the first time, and they agreed there is little in Lincoln. Grrr!

Although today we went for a walk around Clumber Park, driving distance away. There were people on bikes all over the place; another visit armed with unicycles is definitely required. Nice off-road trails with loads of tree stumps and felled logs aplenty.

The uni was unintentionally powdercoated with yellow paint today. Well, sort of. Dad has started to repaint one of the boats, which involves first sanding the paint off, so everything in the garage now has a coating of yellow powder on upwards facing surfaces…