New toy!

Just came today…I wonder what it could be? :thinking:


Cool! A new '07 Kh Muni! Looks like they switched the standard snafu pedals for Jimmy C’s odyssey, which I prefer.:smiley: This one will be a good backup for those times when I inadvertantly put my other one out of comish!

Oh come on!

Two now? I wish I could afford on! :slight_smile:

Was your old muni an 06 or an 07 still?

neeto!!!my friend has a kh trial!!!looks simmular…just has snafu pedals though…

Two 2007 KH 24’s!!! Come on now Terry!!

You should at least should have made it a 29. Or better yet waited a few months and gotten a geared hub w/ it.

An 07, he has two 2007 kh munis now.

well I have two other munis; another '07, and an '05 which I’m selling. Also an '07 KH trials. I have a sun 28", never used I’m also selling for cheap…$45!:smiley:

ill buy the muni

Here’s the info on it: For Sale: 2005 KH Freeride Muni!

How do you need 2 KH 07 muni’s?!?!!

I can’t even afford one, you must either be rich or not have anything else to spend your money on…

Well, I’m lucky in a way that i don’t have any debt, other than my mortgage; no kids to put through school, etc. I obviously don’t need two but like I said it’s nice to have the same type if my other one gets damaged or needs to be in the shop for a while for whatever reason. I’m definitely not rich, but I do alright with my little piano business.:smiley: Also having gotten out of a long term relationship where so much $$$ was lavished on her, I thought maybe it was high time to treat myself to a few nice things for a change!:):):slight_smile:

gosh you are rich…

Haha, not even!:o I really should’ve spent the money on things that really matter, like new clothes, health insurance!!!, dentist, blah, blah.

Dude, do you not have health insurance? One trip to the hospital and they could have your house!!:frowning:

I love that I live in Canada.
If this money was mine, I would get a nimbus 36er with nice upgrades to it.
(Just giving some ideas here)

psh, mine is shinier.

Nah! I actually have “catastophic” which covers me for 5 million. High deductible and no prescription benifits, but I’m still relatively young, and very healthy, so this is what’s recommended for individuals in this category. If i had a wife and kids then yeah, I’d need a lot more coverage.

Hooray for ACC! When you hurt yourself in NZ, you tend to be glad that your taxes actually pay for something useful! They paid for doctors visits, the visit to the emergency room, physio, and time off work when I rolled my ankle on a failed wall grind. They can even pay for a taxi when your injured and can’t drive yourself.

Sorry, OT. Anyways, NOBODY needs two identical munis. Give one to charity :wink: