New TORKER unicycles!

At TORKER’s new website you can see they’re new line of unicycle, the Unistar AX, as well as the new edition of the CX SE:

The AX series includes Torker’s first 29er!

Also, watch for the newly designed DX frame.

my friend ordered a DX last week from UDC, and it arrived yesterday…


Still waiting to see the 2007 DX with the new improved frame!


it looks just like the old frame, except:

it has a collar welded at the bottom of the seat tube,
and there is more clearance between the frame and tire…

my friend got it yesterday, i will try to get some pictures of it as soon as i see him, if anyone’s interested…


Yes, please do!

Forrest, I don’t see the AX on the site, where is it?

October, Does the frame look diffrent? Like the crown, If so, could you get pics posted?

On the left menu, go down to were it says “unicycles”. :slight_smile: Then click on AX.

What does the A stand for in AX? The 29er looks cool.

it is exactly the same… except for the things i mentioned in my above post… the collar is maybe an inch tall, and an 1/8th thick, right around the base of the tube.
i will try to get pics as soon as i can… i will take pics of the old DX and the new one side by side…

Woah that AX 29er is looking pretty sleak.


that looks like a Schwallbe big apple tyre on the 29er…NICE! clearance to boot. no brake mounts :frowning:

the SE is an obvious pallet swap with either the green or the yellow ones…thats a little cheezy, i wonder if they will look that teal or maybe a darker blue when they hit the shops.

I don’t know what to tell you. Are you still looking at the old website?

I guess so, Spence linked me to the ax though, Its soo sexy, I want one of those frames asap.

My isn’t blue, nor do i get the pic of the SE or khose.

Torker also said this in an email:

So check back for more info.

I can see the AX, Evan :roll_eyes: .

I don’t understand why the DX (both the 20" and 24") has brake mounts, but the AX 29er doesn’t.

me niether, but it sould have Cantilever mounts, no needs for Hydro’s on a 29x 2.3

Do they really need hydraulic on Munis either?

no, but its the only option for 3 inch wide tyres. V-brakes wont clear a tyre over 2.1 or 2.3

Never thought about that.