New Torker LX, stripped crank arm

Just new to the sport, took my brand new Torker LX out to the park to practice next to a handrail. After an hour and a half of riding (and finally being able to let go of the rail) I felt the right pedal move under me. when I looked it had stripped all the threads out of the crank. Is this common? I weigh about 180, thought I had the pedals on pretty tight. Looks like I may have to find some JB weld while I look for parts.


You were probably riding with the wheel backwards. Stripping the cranks is very common when this happens. Both the crank arm and the pedal are labeled with an L and a R. Use the L pedal on the L crank arm on the left side of the unicycle. You may have just loosened it up and not stripped it. If you are lucky it wont happen again when you put the wheel in the right direction.

looks like this must be the classic newbe mistake.

yep sure enough, I put the wheel on backwards so the cranks were reversed. looking at it more carefully after cleaning the metal shavings out there is enough thread deep in there that I can probably get the pedal back on. I might throw a little of my good friend JB Weld on outer pedal threads to give it some support.

I’ll be back on it tomorrow night.

It is a beautiful thing flying along with no handlebars.

Thanks Brian.

No problem, good luck and have fun riding. :slight_smile:

its pretty common, mine stripped after a while and i was doing tricks. so you must have had it back, and if you already checked soz as i only read a little of the first post

Yeah, well the problem was solved already. It wouldn’t take long to read a couple posts and find that out.