New Torker DX Saddle - WARNING!!!

Rub your hand over the front 2 screws of the saddle, its SHARP! Im not sure if its just mine, but for some reason, only the front 2 screws aren’t rounded over right. My borther cut his finger on something, i thought it was like a rock becausei couldn’t find anything wrong. I just tried riding down stairs and i fell at the end, to catch unicycle my hand went to far under the saddle and reached the top 2 bumper screw, i pulled up and it just ripped thourgh a layer of my skin. It also stings like crazy! Anyone with the NEW DX, check your saddle. This really Really Hurts


I have put extra nuts on some of the bolts on my saddles to cover up the exposed threads. Some of the bolts have acorn nuts on them which completely cover the threads.

They are acron nuts, but for sme reason the top 2 are like faulty acorn nuts, the acorn part is just sharp as heck instead of rounded

I know the solutioN!!
Put the sharp nuts on the back of the seat!

I have had it in the past where the acorns on the nuts keep them from threading on to the bolts enough (on a too-long bolt), so I have pinched off the acorns with vicegrips. Afterwords, the bolt ends are exposed. I found somewhere these little plastic things that are a little smaller on the inside than the bolt. If you can find these, buy them. They thread onto the bolt (the plastic is relatively soft, so the threads take) making a nice, smooth bolt end that won’t cut your fingers. Sorry, I don’t remember where I got them and I don’t know where you can get them, but try your local bike shop, they may be able to order them if they don’t have them.

Edit: I cut my finger open pretty badly before during a UPD where I quickly grabbed the front of the seat, so I would recommend not letting it be.

It’s not specifically the DX seat. Any seat will could do that, if the acorn nut or whatever comes off. What happens, is the little rounded part over the screw pops off, leaving just the nut behind.

Yes. It’s common for me to tighten the bumper nuts too much, which drives the ends of the bolts through the rounded head. When this happens, the top pops like Popeye’s can of spinach, with equally sharp edges. If you notice this happening, you can try the Harper method of putting additional nuts on, or look for some plastic caps to cover those sharp ends.

ahh, i lost my CF card for my camera or i would take a picture. Its actually like the the acron bolt dried with a sharp edge. Nothings popping through


This happened to me on my DX. What I did was tighten the nuts untill the top of them actualy starts to peel off. I think it is just extra metal that dried on there or something. Mine peeled off revealing a slightly flatened acorn nut. problem fixed (Unlike my spelling in this post).

I think that em935 (something like that) means that the bolts came defective. Much the same as getting a nail in your box of nails that doesn’t have a head on it or something.

The bolts look like [> instead of [)

Make little balls out of duct tape and then fasten them over the edge with more duct tape. It may gum up the threads a bit, but if you are good with tape you should be able to do it without putting anything sticky on the threads and just fastening to the outsides of the nuts. Duct tape pads are great for fixing anything sharp.

Or like [}