New Torker DX Hub Trials Uni Built

I just compleated building my new trials uni with the torker dx hub and 127mm cranks that I bought from Jaguar this winter. I built the wheel and frame myself, I built the wheel with a four cross pattern lacing the spokes under the third cross and over the fourth. It turned out great, the hold up was getting a 19" rim with 48 spoke holes but UDC has them now and they are calling it a nimbus rim. It apears to be of a good quality and has reinforced nipple eyelets. The spokes I ordered were too long, I didn’t have the rim so I had the spoke length calculated by UDC and the tag said that they were 178mm 4 cross, and they were about a quarter of an inch too long so I called and told them I needed them to be 174mm and they sent a second set at no charge. When I got them I pulled out one spoke to compare lengths and they were exactly the same length. This time I measured them and it turns out they were 174mm so the first set was mislabled. :roll_eyes: I didn’t want to wait for a third set to be sent and I was able to find 170mm spokes from a local bike shop. I hope I can send back the second set of spokes for a refund but I haven’t talked to them yet.

I will post a picture as soon as I can, I don’t have a digital camera of my own so it may be a few days.

Cheers, Dan.

you finally got that built up eh? right on…i almost forgot i sold you that. you have been sitting on it for awile. why did didnt you just stick with the 32 hole rim like your original plan?

UDC and Small parts orders dont fair to well, never have for me so i feel your pain on the miss labeling.

dont forget to post pix! i want to see that 48h “Nimbus” rim.

take care.

Here are some pictures. I like how it rides with the short cranks, my last trials had a profile hub with 145mm cranks which I thought were too long, I was allways cliping a pedal. I think 135s would be perfect but alas there is no such thing.


untitled.bmp (394 KB)

side view, the wheel has plenty of clearance and the cranks are about 1/4" from the frame which is a little close but OK.

side view.bmp (394 KB)

Here is a close up of the rim, lots of spokes! I had to make a spoke wrench to fit between them.

trials wheel.bmp (392 KB)

I wanted to build it with 48 spokes from the beginning I thought that if i couldn’t get a rim I would build it with 32. It took me a while to get it built because i was building my coker first and in the winter it is too cold to work in my garage a lot of the time.

Notice the spoke patern I tried a BMX trick lacing the spokes under the third cross and then over the fourth. The last spoke on each side was hard to get in but I think it looks cool and it pulls the spokes in closer to the hub and is suposed to protect the spoke when doing grinds.

You should really learn what image compression means.

But yeah, that is one hooked up DX hub ^^

Yea sorry about that I realy should, I don’t have a camera of my own and every time I borrow one I forgot what I did the last time.

The last time I had the pictures sent to me in an email and I was able to convert them to a jpg and I was able to get them to about 25mb and was able to post the pictures without an atachment. I will try to get them reduced and repost them.

looks good.

say, how much was that Nimbus rim? and do you know if it comes in other spoke hole amounts?

what frame is that? it looks like a bike fork with yuni holders welded on.

Those pix in JPEG form for easier viewageness:

trials wheel.bmp.jpg



side view.bmp.jpg

I don’t know exactly how much the rim was I forgot to ask but the rim 48 spokes and tire and shipping was $60 so not bad.

I built the frame from a mountain bike fork that I straightened with a torch and then brazed on united bearing holders. And it has a seatpost shim from 25.2 to 22.2

Thanks for reposting the pics Tyler.

It costs 30 dollars. I E-mailed them about it. (I am going to do the same thing to my DX, but keep the frame)

Ya Welcome

I think that the nimbus rim may be the same as the new KH, which is a bonus. It certaintly looks like it has the same profile and powdercoat. (not that powdercoat matters that much)

That’s awesome! Gotta let us know how the bike forks holds up for trials. Looks great!