New Torker DX 24 vs Nimbus Muni 24?

I did a search and read a lot of older threads, but I was wondering if anyone had any recent experience with the new Torker DX that is supposed to be lighter (with a 36 spoke wheel) vs. the Nimbus Muni 24. The price difference is insignificant (about $25), but are there other factors I should consider? The primary rider of this unicycle will be my 13 year old son (about 100 lbs), whose skills are improving rapidly, although I will also ride it (180 lbs). We have the good fortune to live in an area with good Muni potential (North Georgia).

Get the Nimbus…

Support, they’re in Marietta Georgia :slight_smile:

I have had nothing but good times with my Nimbus’ (20", 36") and have Nimbus hubs in all of my uni’s (including my 24" and 26" muni’s and a 29" hybrid).

Torkers are great but the Nimbus 24" muni is time-tested. The Torker’s (new ones) haven’t been around too long and the old style, while bomber, is lacking a bit.

Just my opinion though…

I have last year’s Torker, the one with 48 spokes, so I can’t comment on the weight, but the Nimbus comes with a 3" tire and brake mounts, which the Torker does (did) not. I don’t know if those factors will weigh into your decision or not, but may be worth considering. I know people who have opted for the lighter tire due to weight, and for the heavier tire for its width.

Nevertheless I have been extremely happy with the Torker DX.

I love my Nimbus Muni. It is extremely versatile, and is built like a tank. I have had mine for over a year, and have not broken a single part.

I would recommend the Nimbus, but I can’t speak for the Torker.