New Torker AX 29

The axles sheared at the crank (on my Torker Lx 24). I only had it for eight months or so, and I do not do any tricks. Has this happened to any else?

As it definitely didn’t look like an easy fix I headed toward the bike store.
The shop fixed the 24-inch by replacing the entire wheel. They also gave me new pedals and a new tire, all-free of cost under the store and the manufacturers warrantees.

By the way, while I was at the bicycle shop, a lonely Torker AX 29er keep looking sadly in my direction and I took it home along with other things. So, I didn’t get out of there totally free.

First impressions: I took it out for a ride, (I could not free mount it) got on and went for about 10 feet and had a upd, got on again and went for a mile ride. It unequivocally takes bumps better, and seemed to handle about the same. I was not sure if I was going faster then the 24-inch. I am six feet three and have the seat post all the way in and the uni is still to high for me t (had to ride on my tip toes) comfortably, so I will have to cut to seat post before riding again.

you’re definately the first person i’ve seen on this forum to write a review of the AX model.

I’d get one but i have a coker.

How much did it cost?

I say get shorter cranks.

like 125s.

Paid $230.00 and tax :angry:

BTW: I cut a inch off the seat post, It is made of aluminum. The post on the LX 24 is made of steel. I do not like the seat post clamp on either (two hex screws clamp) the AX is heavier but you have to tighten them like mad or the seat will twist.

$230 is about what I expected, not bad for the decent frame you are getting. I think I’m still going for a coker though.

What does it look like? Does it have a square top or rounded top? What is the seat like? There really isn’t much info on it out there yet so some tech specs would be nice.

Not flat, a sort of rounded. I would put up a picture if I could figure
out how.

Torker AX pics on their site

The question for me is how strong is it? It looks like an aluminum LX…


I haven’t put it through an acid test, but it looks heavier (I would bet it is) and a lot stronger than my LX 24. The seat is identical though.

You think its heavier than an lx?
I would think it should be lighter if the main difference is in the frames. Aluminum frames are generally lighter than steel frames.

Are you saying that your 29" AX is heavier than your 24" LX? I guess that would sorta make sense…

Does it have splined cranks or squared taper?


I don’t think you understand what I was saying. The frame is (physically larger). more massive. The LX-24 look like a baby compared to the AX-29! I am not sure of the weight difference. You can not see the differences by the pictures on their web site.

Squared taper, but, so does my LX.

Oh ok, sorry. I didn’t realize you were comparing a 24 to a 29".

$199 for each of the three models here.

If you add the AX-29 to the cart the end price is $149.xx!
The old bait and swith. Only this time the PRICE:frowning:

20" is 200
24" is 210
29" is 250

It’s $225 at UDC for the AX 29er.

Me like very much. I might get 1 soon now that i’ve seen it. :smiley:

Seen it in real life? If so where?