New to world of uni. Want to go big! Where do I start?

I started riding about 10 years ago, but back then I never knew about the world of unicycling. I have just discovered that I really love MUni. I love getting out in nature on a unicycle. I don’t have a lot of money, so I plan to buy a decent MUni and then in a couple years hopefully a trials uni. I am currently working on hopping up curbs, but that is the extent of my skill thusfar. Honestly ainam still learning the difference in trials, street, and flatland. Street and flatland look like a lot of fun. Where does one even begin to attepmt to learn tricks like that? What is the progression of tricks to master? FYI I am a girl. And I want to be just as good as the guys. If anyone has any tips for skill progression for street and flatland, or tips of how to overcome my mind telling me thay hopping off even just a curb is so impossible… I want to do this, I just know it will take lots of practice. What can I work on with my 24" “regular” uni before I get my trials uni? I want to go to unicon and just soak it all in. I am so ready to dive into this! Maybe I am starting a little too late in life to goo pro or make it big (I am 22) but I just want to have fun with it!

I won’t presume to tell you how to learn skills that I can’t do myself, but I’ve learned a lot going back through old discussions on this site. There are more than 20 years of people giving really good advice about exactly that here. Jump in and ask more questions if you have them. And a good trick to know in case you haven’t done it before: Use the tag “” to limit a Google search to only give results from here.

“ learn seat in front”
“ learn to wheel walk”

You can also find lists of skills in various places. People have different opinions about how they should be ranked and whether the “levels” are right or not, but looking at them gives an idea of which ones people think are easier and harder. Like this one:

Being a girl doesn’t seem like any kind of a problem, nor are you too old at 22. The newest sponsored rider (Liz Wilson, who is awesome) has seen a few more summers than you and just started riding muni last year. There are lots of dudes already. It’s great to see more muni girls.

Also watch “Revolution One”:

Watch George Peck:

And watch Sophia Pellmann and friends in slow motion:

Have fun and good luck!

Welcome to the forum!

Reading some of the threads here you will quickly realize that there is nothing as too Old, and 22 years, there is a whole life of unicycling ahead of you.
Look around the forum, Videos on Youtube, skilllevels on the IUF Site, etc.
Search for a thread about what you want to know or simple start a new thread, there are plenty of nice members to answer your questions.



It looks like Byc and I replied at almost the same time and said basically the same things. I used more words. Typically. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the links!

First welcome to the unicycling community! I ride with a club in Milwaukee and I know the girls in my club are super excited to see new female riders!( so am I, but not the point)

I would suggest looking up the unicycling skill levels and just working you way through those skills. Also if you want to get better just ride everyday. even if its just for 10 minutes at least you are getting out there!

good luck, and if you are in Milwaukee or Chicago let me know and I can get some riders together for a muni ride!

Nice to see there other other ladies out there :slight_smile:

I learnt first on a 20", then 24", now Im back to 20". Riding a 24" it can take longer to learn some tricks and I remember struggling a lot with some, like a kick up mount, on the 24". It seems much easier now on the 20" but I cant compare it because I broke my 24" :stuck_out_tongue: