New to unicycling

I am slowly but surely getting thet hang of unicycling. Any tips that would speed up the progress? Thank you in advance for the help

not many maine… the three p’s… practice practice practice


Welcome. You came to the right place. Remember the mantras:

1.) Keep your weight on the seat
2.) Look into the distance
3.) Round smooth pedal strokes
4.) Don’t chicken out, ride until you fall

Keep your weight on the seat!! When you make corrections you will try to stand on the pedals. Remember to put ALL of the weight you can on the seat after each correction.

There’s a search function and several tutorials floating about the site. Keep us informed of your progress.

Try to keep your weight on the seat (not on the pedals). Make sure your saddle is at the right height so that your legs are almost fully extended when the pedals are in their lowest position.

Where are you from, generally if not specifically?

What kind of unicycle are you learning on? How big is the wheel, 20", 24" or what?

Good luck and welcome to our world.

Hi SpecialK.
Basically what everyone before me has said.
My mantra is “Breathe, sit up straight, breathe, sit up straight…”
I’m still learning, but getting the hang of things now.
I used to get knackered after about 50 yards until I realised that I wasn’t sitting in the saddle properly, but kind of hovering above it.
Getting the correct saddle height soon sorted that.
Now I can go for at least, ooh, 60 yards.:smiley:
Take it easy,

welcome!, just be sure to know what you are doing wrong. when you fall, take a few momens to think of what you did wrong. than fix it on your next try.
hope it helps

Welcome to forums!!!

I would suggest what everyone else has said, but, before trying to ride, just sit there for a while, get used to how it feels, stand up on the pedal, get used to how that feels, then try to go just half a revolution at a time. After you get used to that, smooth it out, start going one full revolution. If your using a person to learn on, rely on them less and less, like when my girlfriend was learning, first she would use my shoulders, then was grasping on my arm, the more she progressed the less of me she would need, soon it was down to the hand, then to holding onto my pinky finger, then to nothing.

If your using a fence, try to not be putting tons of weight on the fence, just let your hand brush along it, or just right by it, so when you do need it, its in reach, but your not relying on it to learn.

If your learning like I did, just push off and go for it, that’s pretty much all there is to it. Keep your posture pretty straight, keep your pedaling smooth and controlled, weight on the seat, if your guy, get your stuff out of the way, take breaks when you get sore or discouraged and come back to it in about 10mins.

Good luck, you’ll be riding in no time.

Another tip for learning

A couple of things that helped me accelerate my learning curve:

Get yourself a couple of highbacked chairs, put them back to back and then separate them a little more than your shoulder’s width. Hold on the tops of the backs while you mount, let go and then go one wheel revolution. Do this over and over until you are bored and can do it without trying. Then do the same process with two wheel revolutions. When you are comfortable with this, start over with the one wheel revolution, but now go for the free mount, using the seat backs only to steady yourself when needed. The key is to watch and feel what works and what doesn’t work with lots of repetition.

Also, I find the tutorial videos very useful. Especially if you can visualize yourself going through the same motions before your practice sessions.

Good luck!

Re: New to unicycling

On Wed, 7 Jun 2006 14:09:12 -0500, Into the blue wrote:

>My mantra is “Breathe, sit up straight, breathe, sit up straight…”

Which is NOT to say that during breathing you should not sit up

As to your request for tips: a document “Learning to unicycle” is to
be found towards the bottom of .

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thanks for the help, trying to keep my weight on the seat helped abit. i am from west chester pa which is right outside of philly. i believe it is a 24" wheel miyata flamingo