New to unicycling

Tim Wheatley wrote:
> hi you seem to no alot about unicycling!
> i got 1 for xmas and i can go forwards
> but were do i go from here?
> where do i start to learn to go backwards?
> and staying in the same place like entertainers do?
> please can you help me
> please get in contact
> from tim wheatley

After i got a good grasp on riding forward i started practicing on idling. This helps train your mind to take a half pedal backwards. From there i just would hold on to the back of my car and give it a try. At first it will seem like your making no progress, but you’ll learn it much faster than you did going forward. At least i did. As far as standing still like the entertainers it just takes practice practice practice. Get your feet in a position that feels comfortable and just stick with it.


you shold check out this site
(sorry but i am not sure how to do a link)

nvm it does a auto link