New to Unicycling

Hello, I’m Josh and I’m new to unicycling. I want to get into freestyle unicycling, so I ended up looking around and reading a bunch of reviews before settling on the Nimbus II with 125 mm crank arms. I’m just getting started and I can barely ride unassisted (sometimes) and I was wondering if anyone had any extremely helpful tips/tricks to learning. It’s almost been 3 weeks since I got my unicycle and I’ve seen some minor gains, but I plan to hit it hard this weekend.

Any help is super appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Hi Josh,
I’m in the same boat as you, having just started to learn.
I also have the Nimbus II but with 114mm cranks which should make it a bit harder to control?

I was given some very useful links to the learning videos of MONOCYLISM (Geoff), who I am sure will not mind my giving them to you.
I found them to be extremely useful.

Hour 1

Hour 2

Hour 3

Hour 4

Hour 5

Hour 6

Best of luck.

Doh, no flash player on iPad. Darn, I hadn’t seen these yet. I’ve watched about every video on YouTube though. It helps, OP!

I found riding in the hallway of my house has worked so far. I have pads shipping right now, so I hope week 2 of learning can be outside on the driveway.

My best advice so far, that I notice impacts my riding the most, is thinking about my seat. No really! When I think about my hands or my feet, I fall. If I think about my butt in the seat and just ride out, I can.

I kind-of had a mini-breakthrough today. I rode a lot further than I’ve ridden before, and I did it pretty consistently. I’m going to watch the videos you’ve provided (thanks!) and hopefully I’ll get even better! I might probably need to order some pads soon, but for now I’ll just try being cautious and letting the unicycle take the fall.

Welcome to unicycling, I first learned a lot of the freestyle tricks on a nimbus II with 125 cranks. It’s a good uni I’ve done up to 4 foot drops with it without bending the rim(though I wouldn’t recommend it), play unicycle basketball with it nearly every week and clear stair sets on it etc. When I was first interested in doing tricks I found these great Tutorials ( This is the link to freestyle since that’s what you seem most interested in, but there is also street and other things) The video links from here are very helpful, documenting a large assortment of freestyle and other tricks. Unicycling may be difficult at first, but most good things are.