new to unicycling

i am new to unicycling, i have donr it once befor at a music festival but today (christmas day ) father christmas brought me a unicycle.
i think im doing realy well, i can ride for quite a long time and turn, stop and balance. i can hop and hop down some steps and miss out steps. this is basicly all i can do at the moment, is this a good start ?
and from my first day of proper riding i have started to notice that where my leg has been rubing on the seat when i hop down steps, just above my knees have started to hurt :frowning: and my groin is aqbit from where i was sat down riding. is this something that happens or is it because of my seat ?

That rub just happens. It won’t be so bad the more you ride (as in amount of days/months/years).

Sounds like you are doing well to me. I dont know anybody that jumps around on their second time on a uni.

cool, well i hope to improve

There are many types of seats, some of which are torture devices not designed for human use- only used to make money for bike shops. Even the good seats can become uncomfortable especially when you are new, and when you do hopping. You will get tougher as you go- callouses form in the sore patches if you persist. If you have a nice seat already you should just keep practising, but if you have a torture device consider upgrading your seat to a KH or similar.

You are off to a good start- sounds like you are addicted already. Keep landing safe on your feet and you’ll have years of riding ahead of you :smiley:

i think that is realy good advice. i got a uni last christmas and i am larning seat out tricks,i can only do one.

well i have got this
and its got standard everything on it, oh, except for the dust cap lol
is the seat on it any good?

i have been riding in the snow today and as you cant ride very well i thought i would start learning somw hop tricks and today i learnt how to do a 180 and i can side hope prety far now, well, my far isnt very far at the moment, lol. i am learning how to ride backwards now and i can do about 5 pedals. so im prety pleased with my self at the moment and it it prety fun but dodgy on a unciclye in the snow, but its good making motocross berms and goin round them and you sink ( hurts sometimes ) so thats it at the moment.

This might help.
Its a thread i made awhile ago and its got some good advice.