New to unicycling-getting frustrated

I just started unicying around a month ago, and i can ride no problem, hop nonstop, do a 180 after hoping, ride stop then keep riding, ride hop 180 keep riding, but i am having trouble riding with the seat in front of me, ive been practicing it and idk if ive been getting any better at it, but ill continue to ride until i can ride with the seat in the front like a pro, but i was just wondering how to go about doing all of these tricks such as crankflips and everything else when there is no way to exactly practice doing these difficult tricks except by actually doing the tricks themselves, unlike riding and riding with the seat in front which can be practiced :smiley: good advice would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

I’m frustrated that I haven’t made as much progress in almost 2 years. Obviously, you’re going to keep at it, as I will. good luck, and keep having fun.

You are making great progress. My advice is to ride to enjoy it. Switch up your goals. If you have been frustrated with SIF, try riding skinnies for a week. All of the skills build on each other and there are no wasted skills. How is your backwards riding? Try something fun and if you can do it a bit, practice until you get good at it. When you get bored, try something new. There is so much to learn in unicycling.


if you’ve only been riding a month, I wouldn’t worry too much n.n’

it was frustrating for me when I started because I knew so much in juggling, that I expected to pick up on things quick in unicycling, and here it is a half a year later, and I can barely wheel walk and do a few different cool mounts.

as far as seat in front goes, I’ve found that it’s easy to keep the seat pressed against the front of your legs to keep it in place (thought still out from under you) and then as you get comfy with that, slowly move it away from your body. Practice with it behind too, and focus on keeping the weight on the pedals even so it doesn’t tip one way or the other, and when it does tip, note which way it tipped and where your feet were when it did, then next time, overcompensate on purpose to see what it feels like to be wrong on both sides. Last thing is to try to mount straight into the trick.

the farther the seat is from you, the harder it is to ride. so basically keep the seat up against your legs, not in between them.

If you live near New York City you can go to the New York Unicycle Club and get advise on a lot of the tricks you are interested in.

If you are ingenious there are “shortcuts” to learning pretty much any trick. I’m not saying they will make you learn the final trick faster but they allow you to build skills sequentially and see improvement and build confidence.

For example: for crankflips you should first be able to jump mount, then stand on your back foot and holding the unicycle up spin the front pedal around and jump mount when the pedals come around again and before the unicycle touches down. You can try riding and then hopping off on to the one foot and kicking the front while still in the air to get a feel for spinning the cranks. Then eventually you work on jumping and spinning the cranks with the knowledge that if you do it properly you are already pretty good at landing on them again.

To get further familiarized with the general feeling of spin-catch-spin you can also try laying on your back and doing crankflips with the unicycle upside down. Try to get them spinning fast and be able to catch them solidly.

DOOD - you’ve made incredible progress in very little time. :astonished: I’m guessing you’re pretty young, both from your ability to do all that in just one month, and from your perception that you’re not doing enough fast enough. If you keep at, it sounds like you’ll be headed for unicycling greatness. But if you expect the learning curve to always be as steep as you report it has been in the last month, get over it, or you might as well quit now.

just keep going

One month is nothing in unicycling. After more than three years, I’m still learning things-- basic things. Seat in front: can only do a few revolutions and have yet to get it “under control”. Idling: rarely exceeded three idles. Can do one-foot riding to an extent; probably the first skill I learnt after freemounting. That took weeks of apparent fruitless attempts before starting to get some feel for it. Just keep going; when you start acquiring a skill after struggling, it’s all the more rewarding. :slight_smile: