New to Uni

I just became interested in unicycling

i was wondering what a good starting unicyle would be

I am considering the torker unistar CX 20"

while reading previous posts like this i see that the LX is worth the 20$ more

any help on what to get is welcome

Get the LX!!! it is seriously worth the extra 10-20 dollars =p

Oh! welcome to the forums! I’m sure you’ll love this place :smiley:

i say get a bedford light trials. 200$ CDN it can be shiped from canada to u. where u from?

That’s the general consensus, and I personally think it’s a great unicycle. You have to pick the wheel size you want epending on your height and what type of unicycling you plan to do, but for beginners I think it is an excellent choice.

the only thing about the LX is that it has a 400mm post and i am fairly short

thats where a hack saw comes in, take off about an inch or 3 and its perfect, thats what i had to do when i got my Torker DX =p

My first uni was a Bedford 20" and I love it.

It’s been getting a bit ignored since I got my Bedford 29", but t’sall good.

Darren does great work and puts together a solid ride.

Do you have a hacksaw? Do you know someone with a hacksaw? I just cut a seatpost with a hacksaw today, it works fairly well.

just try to make sure when, or if, you cut it with a hacksaw, you try to keep the cut clean. flat, and smooth, then kinda smooth it up when your done, so you dont scratch up and ruin the inside of your seatpost =p

My cut was anything but flat, but its still ok, as long as the bottom of the seatpost dosen’t hit the bottom or stick out of the frame its good.
I guess I could borrow a grinder and flatten it right off.

yea a torker lx is a great one to learn on

Hacksaw? Hacksaw?

For heaven’s sake use a pipe cutter. Your hardware store, your LBS and your plumber all have one. In my experience, unless you are a total sasquatch, you’ll need to cut doen the seatpost. You may also want to have a file handy to smooth things out, no matter which tool you use to cut the tube.

My vote, BTW is for the LX because that is what I learned on.

i learned on a 20" cyclepro. i didn’t think to cut the seatpost so it was almost touching the tire when i started. then, of course, i raised it a couple of inches because i got better at it. i’ve still got my cyclepro but i’ll probably need a new one soon for trials.

Torker LX all the way =)

I just got one from and its 100% awesome !

is this a good unicycle that i can learn on and later use for street riding?

Go Lx! That’s what I’m learning on and it is taking the beating I’m giving it very well. I love it (go for 20" too, I have a 24" but now I wish I would have gotten a 20)

GILD missed this one too?

That’s one more of us and one less of them!

If you plan to go into street riding, then that is probably an excellent choice for a first unicycle.

im only bout 5’10" and can have the post above the frame by an inch or two, but cut it about an inch while trying crankflips(someday :roll_eyes: ) so aS TO NOT NUT MYSELF too bad, and its like PERFECT!! at that height. i do have really long legs though.