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Where in Northern California? The Berkeley Bicycle Station is a distributor, you can order it through them at prices, without shipping charges. If Berkeley works for you. I think a fair number of bike stores are Torker distributors; I see a Torker LX hanging in the window of Hank and Frank in Oakland/Lafayette.

yeah dude, i actually live in moraga, which is right next to lafayette.

Berkeley isn’t too far away, i’ll check that out.

and a couple days ago, i went to Hank and Frank and checked out their unicycles. they have

Torker LX ($129), DX 05 ($199), and DX 06 ($350).

if i got an LX, i’d buy at H&F, but i want a DX 06 and i can get one for $100 less on the internet.

i’ll see if i can bargain with them and i’ll also call around to se what other people’s prices are.

thanks for the info.

berkeley sounds pretty good to me man.

Now that you’re all confused with the excellent advice, I’ll put my 2 cents in. I have two teenagers (14F 15M) who started uni about 5 years ago. My opinion and experience seems to be that the smaller the tire the easier it is to ‘learn’ from scratch. So I would suggest, if you want to go with the higher end uni, to go ahead and get the 20" with the ‘knobby’ tire and change to a 'smoother" tire to learn (tires are cheap). Once you learn, you can change back to different tire for 'trials’ or whatever. Keep in mind that the more you learn the different disciplines of unicycling the more you will see the reasons for having more than one ‘type’ of unicycle. My children started off with two 20" Semcycle XL’s, and we now have 9 unicycles here and as far as they are concerned we need more (but I am the bank, heh heh) also keep in mind that you can switch wheelsets/tires on the same frame. Whatever you decide, have fun!

I would recomend that you get the older DX. It’s fine for learning on, great for cruising around and will even take lots of drops and stuff like that. Unless you evantually want to get into heavy duty trials and bigger drops (4+ feet maybe) then get the 06 DX. The bigger tire on that will be harder to turn, and you will end up wearing it down faster. But you could learn on it not too much harder.

, what is a good website or store in northern california to buy a Torker DX 2006 at a good price?

the best price i have found is $249 at
anyone had experience with that site?

thanks for all the help again.

I got my '06 24" dx for $215 + shipping via bicycle source on ebay.

I too ordered my torker dx off the internet, all together with shipping and all that stuff it cost $249.82

I got about 4 more days untill it gets here and i cant wait!!!

I’ve had a 20" Torker LX for about 7 months now, and the only things that I’ve done to do to it have been (1)tightening the 14mm crank bolts with LocTite, and (2)made the stock black Miyata-style seat into a more comfortable, gel-filled saddle.

I’ve done picnic table/playground trials and learned how to ww/1ftww on it. It’s definately the best for it’s money (for people who aren’t doing extreme Muni/trials).

EDIT: I bought it New-In-box on eBay for $97.97 (which included s&h)

where’d u order man?

Scorpio and forrestunifreak, thanks for the help. I will keep ur suggestions in mind and think about it somemore before i make my final decision.

And guys, i hate to bug u and kep on bringing up the same question, but is 24 a better all around size, or is 20 better?

and is there that big of a difference in the ability to turn between a regular tire and the knobby DX tire?

I got it from =p

actually the 24 would be better all-around, but imo i would still go with a 20 inch cause i dont plan to do much muni-ing, and i havent felt a difference from using a regular tire or a knobby one

24" is better for riding longer and farther, as well as being faster that 20". with a 20" you’d have to pedal more to go the same speed as a 24".

But, a 20" is more versatle, esp. for tricks and stuff like that. There really isn’t any difference between the two as far as learning how to ride.

I can turn just fine on a knoby tire, but learning how to turn on it would be a little more difficult, but not impossible.

hmm, i couldn’t find it on that site. linkage?

I couldnt find the excact link, but that store also sells through ebay

right there is one for 214 i think and 34 for shipping, come to around 250 =p

oh cool, so u got a 20? how is that. do u think i should get a 20 or 24. i’m leaning towards the 24 so i dont have to pedal that much and i have heard that 24’s are better for all around stuff.

Seeing as you want to learn tricks and such that you can do just whenever, I’d suggest that you get a 20" unicycle. 24"s are bulkier and harder to learn tricks on, I think.

I wouldn’t recomend the '06 DX as a learner. It is also heavy and the cranks/pedals would literally make learning to ride a real pain. It is harder to learn simple tricks on a street unicycle, it’s just too heavy (especially the new DX). I would suggest that you get the LX, because it is really lightweight and waaay easier to do stuff on. You just can’t really jump it off of high drops (then again, you only weigh 120 lbs, so you probably could…).

If you are going to do big drops in the future, then you want the beefy hub. I think that the new and old DX’s have the same hubs, but the newer one is a little stronger (stronger rim). If you must do huge jumps and trials, then get the old DX. It will live throughout your learning period (+ some years) and isn’t too heavy to learn a lot of tricks on.

As a further bit to think about, the 06 DX is a sturdy trials unicycle for people with no money. If you are really going to get involved in the sport, then you will want to buy a better unicycle than that. Don’t waste your money now, learn on the old DX (it’s plenty strong and light) and then switch to a KH unicycle down the road for when you want to jump off of 5+ ft. objects. It will save money in the long run.

In summary:
Get the LX, unless you are going to jump off of picnic tables in the future, in which case you should get the old DX.

Don’t get the new DX to learn on!!!

That’s my two cents.

I totally agree with Spudman. For a beginner, go with the 20". For what it seems you want to do, learning, freestyle, tricks, etc., it is the only way to go. By the time you get that down you’ll know exactly the other three unicycles that your going to buy :slight_smile:

You will probably want to get this DM Vortex before you do Half Dome

Just keep at it and have fun

spudman, thanks for all the info. that definitely helps a lot. Yeah, i had heard that the '06 DX was heavy and bulky. I’ll probably go with either a 20" LX or '05 DX. After i get into it a lot i’ll probably get a better one later on. the KH ones look awesome!

anyway, that makes it easier to buy if i’m not getting the new DX. at y local shop (H&F) they have the 20" LX for $130 and the 20" '05 DX for $200.

do u guys think the '05 DX will be better for me, and is it worth the extra price?

i like the idea of having metal pedals, a stronger hub, and a nicer seat on the '05 DX.

If you want to order through the Berkeley Bike Station, contact Ashley Foster. They’re not a formal shop, but they do get pricing, which is cheaper than Hank&Frank.

Send me your email address if you want me to put you on our mailing list; we do unicycle basketball in Berkeley every Tuesday night (no skill required), and MUni rides on weekends fairly often.

haha. that thing is a beast.

yeah thanks for the help.

Re: New to Uni

On Tue, 21 Feb 2006 18:48:43 -0600, pythondrummer wrote:

>yeah, that’s what i was thinking, a 24" would be better, but i’m a
>little worried about it being hard to learn on. is there that much of
>a difference between learning on a 20 or on a 24?

You can estimate your personal learning time on a 20" and on a 24".
Download hour_est.xls from .

That being said, don’t let that be your only guidance to decide
between 20" and 24". What you will do with if AFTER you learned is at
least as important. And as someone said, a 24" is a more
jack-of-all-trades size.

ha thats kinda cool.

yeah. the 24 is cool, but it seems like everyone says that its easier to start out on a 20 and its more maneuverable. so, i’ll probably go with a 20 for now and maybe upgrade later when i get better.

if anyone feels that i should really get a 24, please tell me, because i’ll most likely get a 20. thanks