New to Uni

hey all. i hate to be the noob here, but i really want to get into riding a unicycle and i’m pretty lost as to what i should get to start out. It seems to me that a 20" would be the best for learning and being able to continue riding once i get better. i’m not really looking to do any commuting, just riding around and doing tricks in the parks or riding aferschool or something. Am i right in thinking that a 20" one would be best for me? Also, if it helps i am 5’9" and i weigh 120 lbs.

There is a bike shop in my area that sells Torker unicycles and i took a look at them today and they have a pretty good selection. They have the CX, LX, DX 2005 (older/skinnier one), and the DX 2006 (fat tire and beefed up frame).

I want something that will be reasonably easy for me to learn on and still let me continue to ride and not limit me. Offroading later sounds like a lot of fun too.

I’m leaning towards the DX 2006 because it looks really strong and has a monstrous looking tire, but with such a heavy frame and wide tire, will it be hard for me to learn on it? will it be hard for me to ride on pavement with it?

The LX looks really cool and is a good price, but it seems like the DX 2005 would be better. The DX 2005 has metal peddles, stronger hub, better bearings, and a better seat.

So basically i have sort of narrowed it down to the LX, DX 05, and the DX 06.
But mainly, i am leaning towards either of the DX models.

Which of these do u guys think would suit me best?

thanks in advance for ur help.

go for the 06 torker… should last u for long

I would also say to get ther torker dx 06

The lx is good for learning, but it wont hold up to the abuse you would put it through from doing some trials, and the 05 dx is good but not as good as the 06

And the 06 will be good for learning and anything after that, i just placed an order on one two days ago and now im waiting for it to get here

actually, the LX is an extremely good learner, because it’s harder to learn on a knobby tire. The LX can hold up to a lot.

yeah, but my friend had the lx, broke it in about a week, or maybe two, and he wasnt hopping on it or anything.

And the torker dx will be weird to get used to because of the tire size, but it wont take too long to get used to it, i also read somewhere that with a wider tire makes it easier to ride, but with all the knobs that may cancel that out :thinking: )

whoa sounds like the 06 DX is the way to go, but i was also kinda wondering if it would be hard to learn on such a hard knobby tire. again, do u guys think 20’ is gonna be good for me?

the LX looks cool too, but i’d rather have the 05 DX than the LX.

so basically i guess it’s now down to the 05 DX and the 06 DX.

Thanks for all the repliese guys. i really appreciate it.

The 20 inch is perfect to learn on =p

And, even though i never rode the 05’ dx, i heard a lot about the frame breaking cause the weilding wasnt reinvorced :frowning: so for me i have to say that the 06’ Torker dx is the way to go =p

Oh, are you buying off ebay? LBS? or UDC?

Be aware that if you really get into unicycling, you’re going to need more than one unicycle. They don’t multi-task well.

Generally, a 20" unicycle will be marginally easier to learn on than a 24", and nearly all freestyle tricks and trials are easier to learn and do on a 20". 20" is not good at all at off-roading or riding any kind of distance.

I wouldn’t really dissuade you from getting a Torker DX to start, but I think it’s more unicycle than you’ll need as a beginner. Generally I would suggest getting a 24" Torker LX, which is about as good a compromise unicycle as you’ll find, and then once you know more about what kind of riding you want to do, follow it up with a more single-purpose uni like a 20" splined trials uni or a 24" splined MUni, depending on your interests.

the 06’ DX with a 20 inch wheel would be perfect. it might be a little bit harder to learn on, but once you do, you wont regret buying a strong unicycle right away. I went through 3 beginner unicycles before I got a strong one. plus the dx is pretty good for trials unicycling, if you ever wanted to get into that. hope this helps.

yeah…maybe you could do what i did…get a cheap learner uni and make sure your dgonna stick with it before you go spend 300 bucks on one…its worth it to make sure your nat wasting your money…but the '06 dx is great the 20 or the 24 version.

yea maybe, but i’d rather get one that will last me a long time.

umm, DX 06 looks cool.

but still, is it harder to learn on a big tire like that, or does it really make that much of a difference?

Then, i have an inseam of 30", so should i be going with the 20" or the 24" to start out?

I think that a 20" would most likely be easier to learn on and be more manuverable, but with the 24" i wont have to peddle as much to get where i’m going.

As for buying, i was gonna get it at a local bicycle shop, but i found out that they are selling them for $350. and then i found it on the internet for $250, so i’ll probably buy online from this site:

do u guys know anything about the site?

are there better and cheaper sites i should know about?

anything helps. thanks for all the help already.

if you want a decent all round uni that you can use relatively well for most styles…go for the '06 DX 24" its good for muni and you can do trials fairly well on it…for your inseam the 24 seems like it may be better.

yeah, that’s what i was thinking, a 24" would be better, but i’m a little worried about it being hard to learn on. is there that much of a difference between learning on a 20 or on a 24?

It is not very much different, learning to ride on a 24" vs. a 20". A 30" inseam is fine for either wheel size, and the learning process is pretty much the same either way; a 20" might be marginally easier because you have a little more control (lighter weight, and less distance covered between pedal positions). But the difference is small; I’d guess that at most the difference would be something like 11 hours of practice on the 24" vs. 10 hours on the 20". (People’s speed of learning varies greatly, of course).

i learned on the Dx 2006 24" and i did not have a problem with the weight or knobby tire. Im sure the lx would be easier but i think its worth getting the DX

If you’re on a tight price limit, the Torker CX is a very underestimated beginner unicycle, and is only around $100 USD. It’s been my only uni since I started riding around Thanksgiving, and it’s still taking my abuse of 7-8" drops, small stair sets, repeated hopping (both rolling and static), learning seat out, and other basic maneuvers. Just keep up with basic maintenance and it’ll last until you until you can get a new one to more directly suit your style.

The Torker LX ($99) is a much better value than the CX. The frame is wider, giving more future flexibility, the seat and pedals are better, the wheel is better, and it looks cooler.

Oh, I thought the LX was more expensive. Didn’t know.

Well, either way you go, I had a good experience with the CX.

The CX is still better than most of the unicycles that most people learned on. Enjoy it!

yeah the LX is definitely a good deal. I’m definitely keeping it in mind.

I still really like the DX 06. is it going to be a good all around unicycle for me? i’m not looking to do straight off roading, but i probably will be doing some and some drops and stuff, but would the DX06 be alright for just normal riding around?

so do u guys feels that a 24 is better than a twenty and since my inseam would fit it, i should go for a 24?

Seems to me a 24 would be better for all around stuff, which is kind of what i am looking for.

also, what is a good website or store in northern california to buy a Torker DX 2006 at a good price?

the best price i have found is $249 at
anyone had experience with that site?

thanks for all the help again.