new to trials

hi all

im going to be getting into trials riding soon and i was just wondering what sort of seat height i need to get going, as i know it needs to be shorted than normal (freestyle) uni but how much shorter?

or should i just go with what i think feels good?

Bungle (soon to be trials newbie) :sunglasses:

I have mine set down where it is perfect for someone who is about 5-foot can ride, and im 5 11, i used to have mine higher but then when i lowered it so my girlfriend could get on easily while she is learning, i got used to having it so low, and I found it much better.

It is more of a prefrence thing though, but do keep it lower for better jump height

mine is set so that when i stand to hop its about 5-6 inches below my crotch…that way i have a bit of pull room for seat in hopping and gapping.

Yes. You’ll likely start out lowering the seat a bit to give yourself some room for seat-in hopping and such… then you’ll start raising the seat when you work on your SIF skills… after a while you’ll find that you might be using different heights for different situations.

A low seat allows you to hop up onto things seat-in, but it makes riding skinnies harder and it’ll make you bend over a bit more when going from pedal to rubber… it will be a bit harder to keep your balance.

A higher seat allows you to crank up on the seat when doing SIF hops; it puts the seat in a position that allows you to use your muscles most efficiently when pulling it… you don’t want to be hunched over when SIF hopping 'cause it hurts and it’s harder to balance.

I’m still on the fence as to the correct seat height for rolling hops. A lower seat makes sloppy landings possible but I feel like my body isn’t executing the hop very efficiently… like it wants the seat higher so my legs and back aren’t so compressed…