New to trials - Drop technique

Hi All, I have been a bit absent on the forum for a while now as real life has taken it’s toll.

As some of you will remember I have been a bit of a MUni whore until recently when I bought a KH20 long neck trials to work on hoping etc to help my MUni riding, accept for the last month I haven’t been on a single ride as I have been addicted to riding my trials :smiley:

I have kids so don’t get much time to ride so I have only put in about 20 hours on practicing trials, I can ride a brick width wall for about 150 feet (which has steps and a curve in it) I can mount on and ride a 3" beam, and can rolling hop side hop (my hope height sucks), and mount various ways, but I have really taken to the buzz of drops :smiley: :sunglasses:

I am up to 38" (3 foot 2 inch) and gagging to go higher but I have run our of pallets and am scoping out some local urban drops to start hitting.

I think I have reasonable form, I am side hoping and turning so I can roll out and transfer the landing forces (I am not confident jumping so high from a forward hope but will get there as it is just a mental thing) and am hoping off with my upper body low and extending mid air to allow my legs to absorb the impact and my body to curl over as well.

Other than a more fluid role out and less manly roaring at the end :stuck_out_tongue: any tips would be greatly received.

At what point does a drop to flat start pushing the limits (Seat In), I am sure there is some physics calculation some where that gives an idea based on mass, acceleration, height etc? I have a mental goal of 6ft which is about twice what I am doing now, is that doable with my current technique or with a bit of work?

I am working on SIF front hoping which is coming along but I am no where ready to translate that to drops yet

I have grabbed some stills from the linked video and am chuffed that I seem to have had good form throughout (or maybe not :p)

Cheers all and thanks as ever for all the help and encouragement you all provide.

Depends on preferences of people, dropping to seat in or seat out is really different.

Seat out is much easier to absorb the chock since you have enough place for a full squat BUT holding the seat is harder.

When you drop seat in recommend jumping far away from the drop as well, it will easy the landing and it will be easier to ride away.

To seat in try to do this (1:23)

Instead of this

yikes, that 3m drop looks like broken ankles at the very least :astonished:

Never mind. I caught on.

We just landed 48.5" (4 foot)

Impact is pretty hard at this height so I hate to think what it is like at my 6 foot target. Is it ill advised doing it SI and that sort of height should be done SIF?

So what is considered a big drop by people?

It’s all relative. A 4 foot drop is pretty big in my book. To a professional trials rider, it’s nothing. While doing big drops is impressive, accuracy in gapping seems more important.

Been working on gapping from my 4’ stack to my 2’ one which is built into 4 stairs.

There is something about standing on something high and overcome your instinct not to do such a stupid thing as jump off it whilst balanced on a unicycle lol :stuck_out_tongue: also the confidence it brings me on smaller 2-3 foot high stuff helps loads