New to this...

First of all, Hello :slight_smile:
My name is Eli and I wanted to start unicycling for a while now.
Thing is I tried 2 different unicycles (from the circus my sister is in) and both of them were really short for me.

I went through different posts and saw that most of the crotch to floor distance is from 28’’-35’’. Now my crotch to floor is around 40’’…

What I would like to know, as there aren’t any shops in my area that I know of which sell unis, is when I order a unicycle online what are the brands or models that would fit a taller then average person?

:astonished: How tall are you!

You might need to buy a seperate seatpost depending on the length of the one the unicycle you buy comes with. This will probably be about 300mm but you can buy them up to about 700mm if needed. Look at UDC ( for a new seatpost.
At first you will probably buy a cheap uni off ebay as a learner and then upgrade to a better unicycle when you get into unicycling. Most people start with a 20" learner but since you seem quite tall it might be best to buy a 24" learner as this would be easier for your height.

My height is 75.2’’ but I’m still growing…
Is the seatpost standard to all unicycles?

Most have 300mm or 400mm seatposts so you will probably have to buy a longer one, im about 5’10" and the seatpost on my learner is at it’s max height.

I would think a unicycle with a 400mm post would be fine.
My unicycle inseam is 35", and I’m using a 300mm post with no issues and room to spare.

Hey, Tak, only just noticed your sig. Nice :smiley:

And, Vielfras, there are a couple of different standard seatpost diameters that unicycles use, so you will have to check what size comes with whatever unicycle you buy and get one of the same diameter. As has already been mentioned, a 24" might be best to learn on.