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Hello all,

I’ve been reading random posts from the forum for almost a month now and finally made an account. My wife bought me my first uni for my 30th birthday last month. She bought me a sun flat top 24 inch from a local bike shop. I really enjoy it and can sometimes free mount. Once I get going I can ride for a bit until my legs feel like jelly. I cannot believe how tiring its is! I just wanted to introduce my self

Weclome to the forum, dadtothemax87. Congrats on your new unicycle and learning to ride it. That’s a good unicycle to start with, and a 24" is a great, all-around size.

Just ride a little each day, and your legs will get stronger before you know it. Plus, as you get more accustomed to riding, you’ll use your muscles more efficiently, and it will take longer and longer for your legs to feel like jelly.

It’s always cool to see new people getting into the insanity! Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome!
Congratulations on learning to ride. Try to sit down on the saddle more to make riding less tiring for your legs.

This forum has different sections for different topics.
We have a “Just Conversation & Introduce Yourself” section. It’s for introducing yourself and discussing non unicycle related things.

I know I sound like a broken record, but the only thing that makes the Forum better than the unicycle chat Facebook groups is it being organizable, which I’d love to stay that way.

Whoops sorry about that. I’ll post in the appropriate spot next time. Also i do find myself hovering over the seat some times and have to use my thighs to grab the seat. I’ll try to focus on being planted more.

Sitting down will make the difference from between 200m being tiring to riding multiple kilometers. It’s that important.

Welcome - and I would say that there is at least enough unicycling content in your ‘hello’ to make it into this section. The burning legs thing is definitely a stage everyone goes through. As you get better, more of your weight goes into the seat and your legs start working with each other instead of against each other. As they say in Yoga - ‘practice, and all is coming’.

Welcome aboard Dadtothemax87!

Two things that can cause excess fatigue:
1st - Make sure the seat is adjusted to a height that allows full leg extension.
2nd - Make sure the tire is inflated to its max pressure allowed.

Enjoy and keep us posted!

Make that three things. Being old and out of shape like me!:smiley: And welcome to the group Dadtothemax87. You will hear it a lot that what will help you the most is seat time.

Thanks for all the tips everyone. Ive definitely noticed that each day I get on the uni it feels easier and easier. Muscle memory is awesome. I really want to get a 20’’ to eventually learn some tricks. Ive skate boarded since I was a child so the concept of doing tricks on something new is exciting. I just need to slow down and focus on some basics before i spend money I don’t have. Does anyone have any tips on some skills I can hone on my 24’’?

Welcome to the community.

If you want to learn tricks the International Unicycle Federation (IUF) has a skill level system. The new IUF levels are set up to help a rider progress from basic to advanced in either freestyle or street/flat type uni cycling.

You can check them out here

thanks saskatchewanian

Welcome to unicycle-land!

Probably the other half of your problem. If you can hover over the seat while riding it’s probably too low. You’ve probably seen lots of video of people (doing very cool stuff) with really low seats, but that’s not a good height for learning. You want just a bit of bend in your knee with the pedal at the bottom. Ride like that until you can go as far as you want without getting tired, then experiment.

As for what to learn, nearly everything you can do on a 20" can also be done on a 24", especially all the basics. The main difference is that your wheel is a little heavier.

I’ll raise my seat tomorrow. I’ve been hesitant to do so since i’ve been learning with my good friend but he doesn’t have a uni and its set so he has a full extension. We’re the same height but I’m pretty sure my legs are longer.

You Punk. Riding only after 1 month!!! Just kidding. It took me 70 hrs, 2x day…roughly 2 months. I would say you have “natural balance”.

I would also guess you are at the 20-100ft stage, that I like to call “stomp balancing”. I was there not too long ago. I felt like I was doing the sprints, and I thought that I “was too weak”. So, I started running uphill, doing stair hop ups, squatting at the gym…etc. Then I suddenly stopped all that!!

Why? All of a sudden it started feeling easy. I could go 1/2 mile, mile,…even 2-3 miles(if I sat on a towel for extra cushion!!!). Why did it get easy? I started to lean back, sit straight, thrust hips forward. (Also, raised the seat…but there’s more to that). The pedaling feeling was almost like this. Imagine sitting on a pier with your legs in the water, and gently kicking a log and making it roll. Yup, instead of “pushing down” on the pedals, I was pushing it forward. Less effort. Until you start to go slow and make turns. Then you gotta start pounding the pedals!!! Why? That’s where you get your balance, when you are starting out.

Ofcourse, there are rare breed of “natural unicyclers” who don’t need to use the power pump method to balance. They can pull their seat all the way up, and at the high position they can throw their body weight perectly forward/back/left/right to stay perfectly balance. It’s almost invisible. Lean a few millimeters here/there. Throw an ounce here/there. That’s how the giraffe riders do it. Absolutely no pedal stomping needed to stay up.

Then there’s the rest of us, who need to crouch forward, low seat, violent hip/shoulder twist, and power stomping to make it happen…and it happens. I would have never been able to ride any other way. Keep on.

thanks slamdance! I’m definitely good in a sprint, it’s when I start to slow down when I get off balance. If the pavement is not perfectly level or if i hit a bump it screws everything up. I like to think my balance is alright, I’ve skated since I was a kid and used to bike 20-60 miles on a road bike. I got a fixed gear bicycle ten years ago and thought maybe pedaling would similar but it doesn’t feel that way lol. The uni feels totally different from anything I’ve done previously and any accomplishment feels so rewarding

High seat vs Low seat

As a last note: High seat vs. low seat? You can enjoy longer mileage, but sacrifice maneuverability until your “overall balance” comes up to speed. Doing things like riding on grass, free mounting, edge turning, idling, riding off sidewalk curbs are all better done with seat low. Also, riding up steep inclines or down steep inclines is perilous with a high seat. Just watch the professional “team hippo unicycle riders”. They all ride low seat. Leverage is nice when you retire, but if you want to do some aggressive muni drop the seat.
Enjoy. Keep on.

I predict you will be shopping for next unicycle in near future. 24", 26",…the hatchet!!! That’s my current predicament.

It sounds like your ‘good friend’ needs someone to give him an early birthday gift. Congrats on your success to date and for having such a cool wife. Try everything that has been suggested and just keep practicing. It will happen.

Be well and welcome to the forum.

The low seat of flat/street riders is to not hit our crotches when missing the pedals, and give enough space so we have some “suspension travel” in our legs. Idling will not be easier with a low seat, neither will sharp turns. I’d say it comes into play when you are doing drops above 40cm that you need the extra travel.