NEW to the unis

Hello every one, I am NEW to this área and I would like to get tips or advice for building one Unicycle

A couple questions my help our members answer your question. Do you currently know how to ride? Are you building from scratch? Assembling readily available components? Or just looking for advise on what you should be ordering on a new unicycle?


I do noy know how to ride it, but I was a bmx rider all my entire lifeand and still, I am also a profesional welder on all types of materials and welds too, also I know how to use a lot of tools… Metal lathe and etc, and I know there are a lot of available parts to order and assemble one unicycle together but, I live in México and the currency exchange is quite expensive into pesos, without mención the cost of shipping and handle, and the time of waiting too, at least, I could try to build some partes and buy the ones I could not make.

The frame should be easy if you are a welder. A wheel and tire you probably have or can get. The hub, cranks, bearing and housing , saddle are the items you will need to source. Sourcing these may be harder than finding a unicycle.

Good luck

That could be true, if the unicycle has a heavy wheel, is harder to run it or os should not matter

What kind of wheel do you have in mind? A tractor wheel?
A hatchet has a serious wheel and tire. The tire will prolly weigh more than the wheel itself.
I think you should try to learn to ride before building a unicycle. Then you can get an idea of how it can best be built. Riding a bike gives a different sensation than riding unicycle. On my bike I can’t ride on one wheel. I think it is too heavy to keep one wheel in the air all the time. On a uni you will have your hands free. Balancing is different.

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Not a tractor wheel, but one with 144 rays inside of the rim made of iron or steel