New to the sport.....

I am a Mountain Biker who mainly does cross country but lately I have become interested in trials and free riding, which is great and all but I don’t posses those skills at all and I am a late bloomer (29 years old) so I don’t posses the balls I had when I was a kid. That being said, hucking off a 12 foots drop or trying to transition to a picnic table is a little intimidating.
I decided that I needed to master my balance to help me advance on my bike and I figured a great way to do that would be to learn to unicycle.
So a few weeks ago, after doing some research I ordered a Torker Unistar 20" .
While it was on the way I discovered the world of mUNI when I stumbled upon the trailer for “One Tired Guy” and since then I have been in love with unicycling and want to learn to free ride and do trials more on a uni than I do my mountain bike.
So far I have about 4 hours of practice on my uni and can usually go about 20 feet before I loose my balance…
I am very excited because I know I am very close to the point where it all gels and you can ride without falling! I can’t wait for that day so I can work on more advanced skills.
Just thought I’d say hi to everyone…you’ll see me around for sure!

and with such a serious-minded discussion about your entry into the wonderfull world of unicycling, allow me to say hi and it’s good to have u
any question u may want to ask, any experiences u may want to share or any achievements nobody else in your life can appreciate, we’ll be there for u
we are perfectly demographically comprised to provide u with serious answers and illuminating wise-cracks
the really talented among us can (and do) do both

i just say hi when new people get here


Welcome, Zod!
I was a mountain biker for many years, then transitioned to muni about 16 months ago, as a result of Kris Holm’s and Nathan Hoover’s “Unizaba” video. It has been an incredible experience for me. This forum can be a huge help, I wish I would have started using it sooner.
Have fun!

Scott Wallis

I’m used to race xc (Sport class) and discovered the joys of uni about 6-7 weeks ago. Decided to learn to uni as I’m approaching 50. Bought my first Muni Friday and I’m having a blast on it. Have only ridden my mtb twice since I got the uni’s
Welcome to the darkside!!!

Good to ‘meet’ you, Zod. You are pretty much in the same boat as me. Falling off an 8 foot drop was the last big thing I tried on my bike. 5 footers are plenty for this 28 year old.

After seeing Kris on Ripley’s, I ordered a uni, like you, thinking it would improve my balance…maybe help me out riding the skinnies.

I have been uni-ing for 3 years (I’m in my third) and I can honestly say that the balance learned on a uni does not reflect biking needs at all.

I still ride my bike, although not as much, because MTB yields the thrills I’ve grown to love that unicycling could never replace.

Welcome, and you’ll love it!


I made it 30 feet for the first time tonight, I did it a couple times…!
As long as I can keep myself going in a straight line I do alright :slight_smile:

It seems that if I keep my knees in tight I can go much further consistantly, I also moved my arms more forward instead of out directly to my sides and that helped a bunch too.
I feel very close to having the whole forward thing figured out

The hell it doesn’t! Unicycling has improved my balance for ANY activity. for example, trackstands have improved noticeably. also When MTBing switchbacks with an abyss to hell on one side, I no longer freak, instead, I ride with much more control and confidence than I ever had before the uni.

But most important of all…when I get off the couch for that 4th beer, I no longer stumble and sway! Woo Hoo!


Somehow, my arrival to RSU slipped through the cracks and I was not welcomed by you or anyone else.

I, too, often welcome the newcomers. Welcome, Zod! Because I speculate that it must be nice to be welcomed. I don’t know that from personal experience, of course.

Perhaps somebody (even Zod!) could welcome me to the group. It’s a little belated (five months), but it would be appreciated nonetheless. :slight_smile:

Zod – good luck! But… be prepared for the possibility that it won’t “click” for you as soon as you hope. In the beginning, I thought I was close. But it took much longer than I thought. However, many, MANY people learn MUCH faster than I did, so I hope that won’t be the case for you. Actually, I don’t think anyone has that click-point (that only works for bikes) – it’s a gradual improvement. You are developing a motor skill and improving your overall balance. I think it’s like learning to walk. An infant does not suddenly say “Ha! I’ve got it!” They gradually get better at walking. Good luck! May that gradual improvement happen fast! Be patient, and practice, practice, practice…

uni57 (Dave)

I’m holding my ground here. (for me)

I still can’t wheelie/manual/ride skinnies (like 4" or so)

All my very slowspeed balance has been improved on my bike by practicing those skills…on my bike

If I can ever make myself give up a little muni time to try riding my bike again, I will let you know if it helped. :slight_smile:

P.S. Welcome Uni57. No one welcomed me either, but it was probably because I was too shy to announce my arrival.


Uni57, welcome aboard!!! You arrived much sooner than I did, but I made a big splash and let everyone know I was here!!!
Ya’ gotta’ do it like I did, make an entrance with a post “How do I do this?” and you’ll get a response!! hehehe

Someone said:

>I have been uni-ing for 3 years (I’m in my third) and I can >honestly say that the balance learned on a uni does not reflect >biking needs at all.

I have been uni-ing for two years, and consider myself to be reasonably good at it. I have not been near a bike for about ten
years. Just the other day, I borrowed this guy’s BMX to see what
it was like. I could barely ride it. Best I could do was wobble
around in a circle about 30 yards wide while everyone else had a
good laugh. It was scary. Give me one wheel anyday.


Thanks Scott and Kenny! I feel amazingly silly right now because I’m actually so happy that I finally got welcomed! And this is post number 201 for me!

Since I now know that it DOES INDEED feel good to be welcomed, I shall try to welcome others more often.

Welcome, Scott! (I think Kenny was welcomed already, but just in case – Welcome, Kenny!)

Welcome, hole!

And since this is Zod’s thread, one more round for him! Welcome, Zod! If you are looking for nice people, you’ve come to the right place. And we unicycle too (in-between inane posts).

uni57 (Dave)

no it didn’t
i just ignored u


That’s okay. Lots of people do it. Are you ignoring me right now?

uni57 (Dave)

Re: New to the sport…

Welcome Zod! I’m also yet another mountainbiker turned MUnicyclist. I still mountainbike but I’m surprised how little of that I’ve done lately- perhaps you’ll find the same thing happening. Now my main mission in life is to race unicycles against mountainbikes, and going on MUni adventure trips:p .

Anyway 4hrs and 20ft is great progress- took me a week or two to get that far.

Have fun,

Ken (the other Krashin Kenny- and I have the scars to prove it!)

Re: Re: New to the sport…

And the x-ray. :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard Dave, sit down and stay a while!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, Zod! I’ve been scoping out the place for five months. Making 200 posts. Just to see if I like it. :slight_smile:

Unicycling has brought so much fun and happiness into my life – for two reasons. The ACT of unicycling. And the great people who unicycle. I’ve met a few in person and a whole lot more on They are a wonderful bunch of people. The best!

Now that you unicycle, infinite fun awaits you. Enjoy!

uni57 (Dave), feeling very welcome (and as usual, quite silly)…

Just curious… do you watch if someone makes you a cup of tea, or are there periods when you wouldn’t see something being dropped in? :wink: