New To The Sport---kh20 Trials Or Koxx 1?

HI, I AM FAIRLY NEW TO THE BOARDS,BEEN DOING ALOT OF READING AND WAS ABOUT TO GET A UNI–FIRST OFF,I NEVER RODE ONE,SECOND,sorry for the caps,and third, i ride flatland/street on my freestyle bike so do have a good sence of balance-i mainly want to do street with alittle bit of trials,which uni would be best for me i love the kh20 and i love the koxx 1 as well?

thanx for reading------and if it is due to preferance,i would go with my gut feeling of the kh20—

KH is the best overall unicycle (and mostly the best unicycle for each style too if you get the crank things).

KH20. k1s look nice but depending on where you live they could cost alot more/be very inconvinient.

KH20’s come with warrenties aswell.

Do you have a budget? Are you sure you’re gonna stick with uni (you may want a beginner cycle first)?

Both unicycles will fit you well, the KH is probably stronger though.

Another good option would be a Nimbus ISIS Trials with the following upgrades
-Kris Holm cranks
-CF seat base
-Kris Holm seat
-Better pedals/Thomson seat post

That comes in at around $500 as well.

To use a Thomson he needs a SW Base and will spend too much! I would say to go with KH! Tha KH frame is betteer, and the new wheelset and seatpost are really great…

Soon will be released little things to attach in the cranks, and you’ll have the best uni for flatland.

Get a KH20 (short or longneck), and when you brake your seat, uopdate it with carbon fiber… And if you go for flatland, buy rollo disks when kris release…

K1’s are overpriced, If you want a Black Domina or XTP ok, but don’t buy a devil… for the same price you can get a KH.,…