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Admin, please make sticky - the amount of non-searchers is starting to annoy me.


im kinda new ive been join for about a mont now but

I got a crappy standard 20" unicycle rite now but hopefully i will get a new trials unicycle.

I like street unicycling and i can already do-
-180 unispin mount
-done 20 - 360 unispins but not perfected
-ride 1 foot and idle 1 foot
-kickup mount
-bitta hopping
-lots of mounts like side mount, roll on mount, free mount etc…
-ummm can juggle 3 and 4 balls
-learning to ride sif

I found unicyclist forums by, well heres how lol…

after it had months before i got back into unicycling I was searching for stuff about uniccyling randomly oneday and found the iuf skill levels then click that then whent into a list of mounts. i was surpirsed how many there were which lead me to watching youtube videos and finding out what type of unicycling stuff there is. then i just came across unicycling forums and thought that would be pretty interesting. and i love this site the most!

Introduce ourselves here, on this thread? Or is there some better spot?

Anyway, I’m Stephen. I’m a 47-year-old engineer in the Dallas area. I got a Torker LX 20" the day after Thanksgiving and have been slowly but surely learning to ride it. Basically, I can ride around, but still working on free-mounting, and just started trying to idle. I have no desire to go down stairs or jump off picnic tables with the thing. I probably spend 2 or 3 hours a week riding or practicing. I have yet to make it around the block without falling off, but I’m not too far from it, either. I’ve got a cruiser-type bike and I’ve been putting some miles on that thing as well.

Meanwhile, my 20-year-old son Mark is also learning to ride on the same unicycle. He’s better at it than I am- maybe because he’s lighter, younger, and has spent more time on it.

And we just got a CX in a few days ago for my daughter Sarah. (The LX is too tall for her). So give her a few months and maybe she’ll be riding around too. Not too likely that we’ll ever get my wife on one, though.

Thanks for using my thread:)
Good to start seeing some stories of peoples skill levels etc. So how long ago did you start riding? You seem like your not a bad rider!

Yep, on here is the place;)
When i started i never thought of doing stairs or anything apart from learning to ride, as even that was a challenge at first!
After reading on here and looking on youtube i became interested in doing extra things… i dont reckon it’ll be long before you want to either!!!
Keep at it;)

I might as well post a thread here too.

I own 4 unicycles
KH 20
a 36er
torker lx
a giraffe (torker tx)

I can

jump up maybe two and a half feet si
rolling hop up a 3 set
rolling hop down a 5 set
side hop up a 3 set
wheel walk 4 revs
180 unispin
almost 360 unispin
ride sif
ride one footed
rolling 180 unispin
crank grab
drop off high stuff etc.

Anyways enough boasting about stuff

I’m not really newbie in the sense that i have unicycled for 1 year now and I would casually read the forums every once in a while, but never really felt a need to join the forum until 2 months ago.

You have made the right decision to join up! I hope you find this site useful and share some of your ideas too:)

Aha! A lurker! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Well, welcome to the forums… Or congratulations on joining our online community! I’m sure you’ve found it a useful tool already. :smiley:

Yeehah! Made it around the block this afternoon! Without falling off, that is.

Sounds simple enough, but there’s some uphill, some downhill, some bad parts of the sidewalk, etc- nothing y’all wouldn’t zip right over, but an accomplishment for me!

I remember the first time i rode all the way round the local high school - its the best feeling when you finally get it:D
Congrats, keep up the good work!