New to the Forum! and handlebar question.

Hello everyone! I recently bought a KH 29" with 125/150mm cranks and currently using the 125’s for distance riding and I’m loving it! I also purchased the KH T - bar handle too and I have it installed as of now.

For the most part I ride about 5 miles a day for now, it’s been way too humid…ick! But I was wondering if anyone has any advise on the positioning of the handle. I know it’s a matter of personal preference but I just would like to see if you guys like to have it angled up more and closer to you or if you like to have it extended straight out in front of you. I find that having it angled down throws me off balance, I tend to have it right in front of the saddle handle and it feels much more comfortable.

Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Whereabout is Capron Illinois by the way?

About 20 miles northeast of Rockford Illinois. About 7 miles from the Wisconsin border.

Just try it in different positions and see what works for you. That’s what I did. Carry an allen wrench so you can try different orientations on a single ride. Good luck with it!

Over time I started liking my handlebars lower and farther away. longer lower handlebars tend to restrict body movement more which can be great for reducing wobble and being a more efficient rider but will definitely make the balancing part of the unicycle equation a bit harder if you are not quite used ot your wheel yet.

I like to have it as far down as it can go. When I first installed it I put the clamp thing on backwards and it only angled upwards, and then I saw a photo of it down low and figured I had it all wrong. It is heaps better with it the right way on, all the way down, allowing you to lock your elbows straight rather than keeping them bent like with a t7. I would get one of those handles for my 28" road unicycle but probably not the 29er, and I have one on my 36".

I think by doing very long distance rides it helps you to understand the need for a handle much better- as you are forced to push yourself out of the seat by the saddle discomfort, and the handle is vital in allowing you to comfortably position yourself as well as keeping the wheel steady. I’ve done 100 miles round lake Taupo on an ungeared 28" with a flexy KH handle- never again but it helped me appreciate the need for longer, more ergonomic handles.