new to Muni

Just wanted to say hi and thanks for all the great info Ive found in the posts to this discussion board.
I started muniing about 2 months ago and have become fully addicted. Like a few posts I’ve read, I thought unicycling would be a great augmentation to my mountain biking skills. But now it’s taken on a life of it’s own and I find myself riding the Muni more often. I even took the Muni on a biking trip to SW Utah to try it out on the slickrock. I got worked over by it, but had a blast! I’m going to attend the Cal Muni weekend next week and look forward to being humbled. Look for me in a crumpled pile somewhere off the trail.

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On Tue, 7 Oct 2003 21:53:32 -0500, jonnyv
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>Just wanted to say hi
Since no-one replied yet I’ll say Hi to you. Welcome here! Yeah, MUni
is the best.

>Look for me in a
>crumpled pile somewhere off the trail.
I won’t be there but enjoy the weekend.

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Yes, welcome, and enjoy the wealth of information to be found here. I was overcome with muni almost exactly two years ago. In fact, I am celebrating it by going to Cal Muni Weekend also, which is just about 10 days shy of the anniversary of my first muni ride.
See you there!