New to Muni

I have been riding a 24" torker uni for about 10 years and I am fairly novice skill wise. I am working on hopping up a curb and have done it several times, I am just not reliable at it yet. I can ride off a curb height no problem. I am also working on idling. I want to get into Muni and I am trying to decide what size tire to get. I am used to a 24" but a 26" is also a possibility. I have a 29.5" inseam, so I am pretty short. I want to be able to hop obsicles in Muni as well as roll over smaller things like sticks and such. I have been riding my 24" on local beginner trails. I learned to ride on dirt roads so small bumps and obsticles are no issue. I will be in Idaho in January for college and I will go crazy if I cannot ride all winter (there is LOTS of snow there). So I need a Muni that is fairly inexpensive (under $400 because I am also trying to save for college and I only make $100 a week…), can hop, can ride ok in snow, and will be reliable. I am looking for all the advice I can get, because I want to be sure I am buying the right uni. What are the advantages an disadvantages of a 24" vs a 26" for Muni and snow riding?

Hmm. Definitions of “Novice” seem to vary. You’re definitely a lot farther along than I am e.g.

If you’re on a budget, keep an eye out for online sales. I got a 29 inch Nimbus II muni from for $300. Something along those lines (26/29) may fit you. Especially if you go with cranks that are a bit shorter. If you go with a nice base uni, you can upgrade (brakes, dual hole cranks, etc.) later as your budget allows.

Another option would be to upgrade your Torker and make it into a muni. I have 24 inch Torker LX (probably not original since it has an ISIS hub) that would make a pretty decent muni. It may also be worth keeping an eye on craigslist and the marketplace on here. There may be something you can use there. If you are patient enough you may just find a good deal.

Depending on what you call “muni”…

I have ridden off road on a 24 x 1.75" tyre and cranks down to 102mm; on a 36; on a 29, a 26, and on a 700c with a road tyre and cranks down to about 110 mm. Oh, and I have a “proper” muni: KH24.

A fat tyre helps with rocky or swampy ground. A knobbly tyre helps with mud. Long cranks help with steep hills. Short cranks are faster, probably more fun, and reduce the number of pedal strikes.

For a beginner, the think is, get the best tyre you can afford and good grippy pedals. A decent set of pedals is worth 20mm in crank length.

There are no rules except enjoy it.


ive got a 24 inch kh old style frame with new wheelset and a magura brake i love it just right size for me when going down steeper off road sections great for confidence tryed few different tyres last one was a arrow wide bite and now im back on halo contra which i love

What type of snow will you mostly be riding in – loose snow, packed snow, slush, or some other mixture?

I would tend to think that for loose snow, you would want a fatter tire, like 24x3 or 26x4. For packed down snow, you may be able to get away with a skinnier tire.

Don’t forget the possibility of a 29". You would be able to ride light Muni, do some curb hopping once you get good, and you can use it to commute to classes or to the campus. It could replace your bicycle, if you have one. With your height, riding a 29" should be no problem.

Personally I would gravitate towards either a 26" or a 29" in your situation. I have a 24" for hard-core Muni and a 29" for light Muni and moderate distance riding. If you don’t plan on doing any hard-core stuff, the 24" may feel pretty slow on the trails. And with the 24", there are more limited choices in the fatter tire sizes.

I’ve got a similar thing here, but i’m 5’2. I already have a nimbus nightrider, and a trainer 20" and 24". I’m not all that strong being short, and so the 36" is difficult to manoeuvre through tight spaces. I’m looking at doing trail rides through tight woodlands etc.

I was thinking that a 26" would be a good size for me as it would allow for me to go into heavier muni at some point e.g. hopping and so on, as in the wood i’ll just be doing tight trail rides.

Also, i’m wondering what rim i could use if i wanted to take the Magura hydraulic brakes from my nightrider to put on the muni. Not bothered if i’m using MTB parts and building it up myself, but i’d like to keep it lower budget where i can. A wider tire may be good as i can run it at lower PSI when in the woods as it’s quite slippery in there, and it’ll make the ride less bumpy and a bit easier.

Any advice would be much appreciated,