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Hi everyone,

I have just signed on and was astonished by the wealth of information that is on
the 'net for Unicycling! I have only tried riding a unicyle once 22 years ago
when I was seventeen and although I enjoyed it, I didn’t continue with, as I was
already into to many sports: heavy drinking, golf, motocross, flying/skydiving!

The only sport that remains in my arsenal of “boytoys” is Motocycle Riding. I’ve
always thought over the years, even while I worked as district sales manager for
Specilized Bicycle that Unicycling is one of the more unique wheeled sports out
there and I wanted to try it! I even tried to convince Specialized R&D to make a
unicycle for production, but for selfish reasons; I wanted a sample for myself!
Anyway I didn’t get one, because of a lack of info /sources on them.

I’m interested in learning to ride one again and also wanted to know if
Unicycling could help my motocycle riding? Would it increase my balance and
ability to Wheelstand a 500 pound Superbike? Are there any benefits associated
with Unicycling that would benefit me in other areas? Confidence comes to mind!

When I was younger I always envied the guy who could wheely his bicycle for
several thousand yards, now I am awed and curious by the rider who can wheely a
moped or Superbike for 500yards! Especially while going 120 miles and hour!!!

I would apreciate any comments on the physics of riding a wheely and the
dynamics of a uni vs. a bi and moto! I understand that pedal(power) and throttle
(power) have significant effect, but does balance significantly affect the end
result and would unicycling give me that point of reference or knowledge of
where to go with a wheely once I got the front whee in the air?

Thank you for sharing you experience and opinions with me!


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