new to halifax... any riders?

hello, I just got into Dartmouth yesterday from Alberta, I’ll be here for the summer. I’ve been riding for a couple months but i’m still very much a beginner. I live in a small town and have no one to ride with, so i’m hoping i can find a couple people this summer. Anyone in the Halifax area?

Is that the halifax in england if so i live near ish to there i think how old are you.

Darthmouth, Alberta, Halifax. Sorry mate, thats in canada.

Im just about a 2 day drive from you man…

I’ll be moving to Moncton New Brunswick this summer. That’s 2 hours away from where you will be. We could definitely have some rides.

hey i’m in antigonish, about 2 hours away. let me know if you’re ever down that way

does anyone know if there is a juggling club or anything that meets in halifax? when? where?

You might be able to look online.

I think Dave is from Halifax, but he is unicycling across Canada at the moment.

Great! Yes, there are some unicyclists in Halifax. There are 2 juggling clubs in the area.

On Saturdays there is the Blue Nose Jugglers who meet at the YMCA. It’s not always so well attended, it costs about $5, and I believe they shut down over the summer.

Secondly, on Thursday evenings there is a group of us that meet at a gym on Barrington Street. A bunch of us often meet up throughout the week too. Some go on muni rides on the weekends and over to the skate park during the week. I’ll send you a message with details and we’ll get you on the e-mail list. There are a bunch of people there that uni (I’m just learning right now).

The most hardcore of the unicyclists here is living in Dartmouth too, so you’re in a good place. :wink:

I’m in Dartmouth NS, and I’m always up for riding. PM me and we can set up a time and a place to meet. Welcome to Nova Scotia and to unicycling.

I’m in Lower Sackville NS, just about a 15 minute drive from Dartmouth. I ride with ‘Asthian’ or Ian, quite a bit. Welcome to NS, mate!

halifax riders

hey, i just bought a new uni after breaking my old one years ago (2 ft drop my wheel looked like an L)
anyways im in halifax and im looking for riders in the area. i will be at the gym on barington this thursday… i think i know the one… up the stairs…
what time do ppl go?
also looking for some good trails to ride (maby some roots to ride over… nothing too difficult yet.
almost midnight now… time to work on riding backwards.
give a shout if your in the area.

I was in Halifax for a while last year. Beautiful city.

I did not meet any unicyclists there but tried converting a few people I met.

I went for a few rides in point pleasant park. The side trails were pretty easy but fun nonetheless. I think that there were no bikes allowed on the main trails but I can’t remember.

And Dave is from St. John’s NFL.

unicycles for sale

dose anyone know were to get a good heavy duty unicycle