New to grinds

I just bought the Odyssey Jim Cielencki Platform Pedals with Pins and i attached a grind plate to the bottom of one, and i want to start doing some grinds. I have attempted many times but can never get it. Does anyone have any tips for doing grinds?

I am starting on a box with metal down the sides, and it is slighty desending.
What is easiest to start grinding on or get use to…yeah…just looking for tips, and hints to get riding some rails…thanks

Make sure your tire isn’t rubbing against the side of the box.
try not to grind on your bearing housings.
ride faster.
lean back a little bit to initiate sliding.
put as much weight as you can on your grinding foot.
sometimes it helps to drag your heel.

Flat metal benches are best for learning to grind.

hope this helps,

Im going to a skatepark this week and im gonna try and grind but i need to know whether its possible to grind using regular pedals or should i get a grind plate

I was grinding for quite a while before I welded grind plates on my pedal. The reason I welded the plates on was more for durability than grinding ease.

one tip: I would recomend grinding on only one side of the pedal. That way, one side will remain grippy. The other side of your pedal will get smoother.