New to forum! Custom welded cranks..

Hey fellow unicyclist, thought i would join a thread after recently deciding to get back into the sport! i have a 5-7 year old torker LX, and my Friend has a updated version of the same LX, Please don’t hate on us for riding torker’s lol, the 48 spoke rims hold up great. How do i post pictures to a thread? i want to show some custom tig welded cranks i have, SOLID steel, 2lbs or more a piece. its ridiculous overkill but it had to be done, the stock lx cranks just weren’t gonna cut it.

Custom projects are always of interest. Right below the window in which you enter text should be a button labeled “Manage Attachments”. Click that, choose “upload from your computer” “Browse” and then select the file you want to upload. Then select the “upload” button. It’s best to resize a photo before uploading so that the width doesn’t exceed 640 pixels. That way it doesn’t run off the page.

Huh, thats unusal, im apart of other very similar forums with the same format, for some reason i am not getting the “manage attachments” buttons whatsoever? its just not there. Thanks for the help though!

EDIT: I was able to find it through advanced options. I will Upload pictures of the cranks tommorow, im really diggin them, super tough.

The forum software allows a maximum of 800 (by 800) pixels, and I believe that all but the most puny monitors should be able to display that at once. 640 is really old school, Dr Harper.

As am I. I have some difficulty viewing images on my slide rule.