New tire

I’m looking to get a new tire for my 24" muni. I ride on street only,
sometimes venturing into grass but, never really off-roading. The tire
that it has now is way too knobby for my liking and I have it narrowed
down to two different tires that I want.

A Maxxis Holy Roller or, a Hookworm.

Any advice? Suggestions? I’ll probably get myself a proper, 20" trials
uni eventually and retire this one to just riding around town on.

Any opinions of these two tires? Other suggestions?


I’ve used hookworms with no problem. I’ve done slight trail riding with it, and it seems to work well. It is good for street riding, from what i know. I don’t have any experience with the holy roller. I haven’t done any free-style with it, so i don’t know how it would work for that. but overall, i dig the hook worm.

I recently switched to a Holy Roller on my Torker DX24 for similar reasons. I’m on pavement 80% of the time right now and Muni maybe 20%. It’s a good compromise tire for what I’m doing. Less knobby and easier to spin on pavement than the stock Kenda tire that came on the uni, but it still rides dirt ok.

You probably won’t go wrong with either choice.

Forgot to say, the Holy Roller comes in a couple of different widths. Get the 24 x 2.4

Oh - and you’ll need to ride it at a higher pressure than the Kenda tire you’re replacing to avoid bottoming out.

hookworm is sweet as in my opinion, really smoothe. The holy roller isn’t a bad tyre too.

both great, i like the holy roller, the compound is really nice and has a little more grip for grass or dirt. when i bought the first one for my bike, i was really suprised that the h.r. seemed to have less rolling resistance than the hookworm and some of the other smooth street tires i had because of the h.r.'s hard compound. this would only be a problem on extremely smooth wet surfaces like synthetic skate ramps or marble (not a big deal on a uni). killer tire

Re: New tire

How about the Kenda K-Rad?

It looks like exactly what I’m looking for but, it’s alot cheaper than
the holy roller and a little cheaper than the hookworm.


K-rads are great tires as long as you keep a good pressure in them.