New tire

I originally intended to ride mostly off road with my new DX, but instead i’ve been doing about 75% road riding and 25% off road. I’ve also been hopping a lot more, and now the position where my stock tire is when I hop is badly worn, not to mention the entire tire being very worn.

So i’m considering this since I road ride mostly:

Will this tire fit on the dx?

Although it’s listed under offroad tires I’d think it’d be more suitable for road riding, of course I could be wrong.

And also, Would this tire wear fast in my hopping position like the old one did?

Try a Maxxis Hookworm 24x2.5…Not as wide but its atleast got a tread pattern. Even if you only Muni a little that Hoggy G will slip on anythong that isnt perfectly flat dry ground. The Hookworm Is my opinion.

<EDIT> Heres a link