New tire from the original bike trial brand

The Monty Eagle Claw 2.6. I have had the chance to get a good amount of testing in on this tire, here’s what i think of it;

The eagle claw has a low durometer (sticky/goey) compound similar to maxxis and tryall. Tread is a similar design to the creepy crawler, but the treadblocks are further apart. The sidewalls are thicker than maxxis.

Because of the thicker sidewalls, you can run a much lower prssure without it getting foldy like the Creepy Crawler will. The lower allowable pressure gives you much more grip than a change in tread would. It has been raining like crazy in Seattle, damp wooden skinies (3"dia) where no problem for this tire.

While the Eagle claw for sure feels different to ride, all I can say is, it bounces as well as the Creepy Crawler, maybe better. I was able to side hop my record. The lower pressure without folding gives a nice rebound, makes the uni feel lighter (try pumping your tire up to 25-30 you’ll see what I mean).

At $45 the monty tire is a little more expensive over the maxxis ($30), but it is a better tire in my opinion.

available from Tim at

this sounds like a great tire.

after a tryall tire I’ll probably try this.

thanks for the great review!

Sounds great.

It will be my next trials tire I buy. =p

anyone got a review of the 2.7 monty tyre? I think thats wot i’ll get when my tryall goes…