New tire for Torker DX

I’m looking into getting a new tire for my Torker DX 24". I like the
uni but don’t like the super grippy tire for street riding. I’m not
necessarily looking for a slick tire. Just something inbetween.

I’m mainly looking for sizes. The tire that’s on it now is the Kenda,
Kinetics 24"x2.6". I just don’t want to buy one that won’t fit it. I
understand that not all 24" tires will fit the rim properly.

I’m having trouble turning on pavement. It just wants to go straight.
Once I hit the grass at the park, it’ll turn with ease. I also have
trouble correcting my balance because of this, too. I can’t just turn
a bit in one direction to offset the balance issue.

Forgive my newness to the tire issue. I figured that I’d ask here
first. The nearest bike shop that has/works on unicycles is about 40
miles from home and it’s not exactly a convenient trip with gas prices
being what they are.

Like I said, I’m mainly just looking for appropriate sizes. Something
that will fit on the rim properly and have enough height to put up
with my weight and some drops.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

i have a duro-wildlife leopard, i think thats what its called anyway. its a 24’‘x3’’ too i think so may not fit, but im not sure. i love that tyre. but i have not tried anything else so we shall see what others say too.

I just replaced the worn-out Kenda tire on my Torker DX 24 with a Maxxis Holy Roller. It’s more of a street tire than the Kenda, but can still handle dirt. It fits the Torker rim just fine.

I as well did not like the Kinetics tire for smooth surface riding. I have installed a 24" Hookworm on my DX instead of the Kinetics for smooth surface riding.

I have a Duro Leopard on my KH 24 and find it to be great for both smooth surface and off road riding. The duro will fit on your DX, however a lot of pavement riding on the Duro will probably cause premature lug wear.

I don’t know, that leopard still looks pretty knobby for street riding. I’ll probably go with the hookworm. Anyone know of a cheap seller or, someone who has a used one in okay shape?


Although the Duro is very knobby it handles very well on pavement. I would use it for street / smooth surface riding but I hate the thought of chewing up the lugs. (yes I’m cheap)