New tire for 36er: was nightrider discontinued?

I was looking at UDC USA Looking to replace my 36er tire and I see that the only offering in the 36 size is the Vee Rubber Offroad 36. Was the 36" Nightrider tire discontinued? I see it still comes stock on the 36 Oracle.

I was perfectly happy with the Nightrider and am reticent to try the Vee Rubber, especially since I don’t ride my 36er offroad. I see a 125g difference in weight, which is pretty underwhelming. Would this be a good substitute for the Nightrider?

It is in stock at UDC Canada so the US store is probably out of stock for the moment.

UDC UK is out of stock too and has been for a while - I took a chance on the new lightweight TA tyre (I’m pretty happy with my current, heavy TA, so hopefully the lightweight one will be even better!)

It’s quite a bit more expensive though :frowning:

I have a Nightrider 36er tire for sale in this thread:

Thanks- I went ahead and ordered from the Canadian UDC site.

I just got another UDC 36er from it still has Nightrider tyre to it. What other tyres are made for 36ers?

A few, just not in Australia. Probably not enough demand. See: and


No it is not. There is a production problem that has meant that is causing a shortage of tyres at the moment.


I am resurrecting this rather old thread… just to say that we have the new tyres coming in to stock tomorrow.

The BIG news is that we have 2 versions coming in. One the same as was produced by the previous factory and… a light weight version! I have tested the 32" version and it was amazing. The first one off the container is going on my unicycle! :slight_smile:



Must not spend money! Must not spend money!

Just checked who/where the tyres are going.
US,UK have both versions.
KR,DE have the light.


How light are the new 36er tires?

Don’t know yet… will be one of the first bundled opened and checked.

When I tested the 32" what surprized me was not the weight (which was about 15% lighter) but was the way it performed. It can be heavier for me, it just worked better!