New Tech

Ive got to decide on a technology project to do for my major A-level project. I
have to research, design, and make a product that solves a problem but the
product can ben anything. I obviously thought of unicycling so if anyone can
think of bits of the unicycle that need improving or gadgets that would be
useful it would be very helpfull. I am only 17 so this isn’t going to be break
through technology but I’d like to provide a usefull solution.


PS mechanical solutions (eg frames) are easier that ergonomic ones (eg seats)

Re: New Tech

Have not been in this newsgroup for a about two years but am a keen unicyleist.
I would sagest that you have a look at chain and sprocket on a sky cycle as it
is possible for someone to get there fingers choped off between them. They have
safty gards on bikes but not yet on sky cycles.