New T[yi]res

unifoss@CERF.NET (u) writes:

u> In case Seth hasn’t already found out, and for anyone else in this situation,
u> if the threads are showing, it’s too late to rotate your tire.

I decided not to tempt the unigods more than necessary and got a new tire as
soon as I could.

I wrote:

>> How much should I expect to pay for a new tire? Do I need anything special,
>> or can I just get a bicycle tire that fits?

Tom Miller was understandably uninterested in dealing with an order of a
single tire. He’s just too busy to spend 45 minutes on a $12 sale. (I don’t
blame him one bit.)

I visited a few shops before I found a 24 x 1.75 tire that was suited for
pavement (rather than mountains), but when I did find one I paid ~US$10 for it.

I also got neat little pump about 8 inches long (AirMax Pocket) that I carry
around with me now. There’s still enough room in my hip pouch for a loud
bicycle horn. :slight_smile: