New T-Shirt Idea

A T-Shirt with this logo must be created.

The thing is, I dont have the money to do it (nor am I able to persuade/trick my parents into giving me a loan(right now)). How many people would like a black shirt with this on the front, and/or who might be interested in taking on this project? Thanks,


Even better would be:

unicycle == chick magnet

The double “=” gives it better geek value and turns it into a logical statement rather than an assignment.

Somehow I don’t think I should wear a shirt like that to work. :frowning:

i’m having a blond moment
john, could u please explain why == is better?
i dont get it

I wouldn’t wear a shirt like that. I have scruples. I, however, DO wear my team Canada unicycle shirt regularly. Then I wash it. Then I wear it again. Thanks for bringing them to UNICON.

Shop away.

It’s a C programming thing. In C style programming languages the “==” is used for logical comparisons. The single “=” is used for assignments.

Seeing single “=” used for logical comparisons just bugs me. It’s so BASIC.

This is an assignment that assigns the variable unicycle the value of 1.

int unicycle = 1;

This is an example of a logical statement.

if (Unicycle == ChickMagnet)

Re: New T-Shirt Idea

A very cool t-shirt… but I don’t think I could ever bring myself to actually wear it in public… :roll_eyes:

Phil, just me

Re: Re: New T-Shirt Idea

me neither,my wife would slap me again. :frowning:

Yeah somehow I don’t think I would adding this one to my Tee collection either…

however we were hoping someone would print some “1 X 1” MUni shirts some time!


Erin, we hear you.

Here in the west there tends to be this:

whiteMaleTaste = Taste;

Rather than:

if (whiteMaleTaste == Taste)

For those of you who know bikers, you’ve probably seen the t-shirt that reads on the back:

“If you can read this, I threw the b*tch off”

I’ve always wanted to sell t-shirts to biker chicks that read:

“If you can read this, I’ve got the bstard by the blls”.

But, to quote Phil, that’s just me.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

This Tee-shirt idea is illiciting (lots of i’s in that, eh?) a great deal of negative response. I’ve changed my mind. I’d like it in several different colors.

you can’t please everyone all the time…

It’s not that people aren’t suggesting that only boys get shirts with slogans on them because girls aren’t thought of.

Girls just don’t wear stupid slogan shirts

(not trying to generalize, it’s just what I notice)

Well… I think it’s a great t-shirt, I’d love to have one, but I just couldn’t bring myself to actually wear it outside other than in self-mockery, due to all empirical evidence pointing to the contrary…

Phil, just me

No offense to the chick magnet shirt.

I was thinking of the ‘the b*tch fell off’ and those kinds of ‘stupid’ slogan shirts.

i wonder if uniJess would wear one? :roll_eyes:


Can we get them in Black shirts, besides gray?


Looks great, I’d get one! The peeps at my highschool love stupid tee-shirts like this.

>>Girls just don’t wear stupid slogan shirts
>>(not trying to generalize, it’s just what I notice)

Not so. Been to a school lately?

sorry if people have taken offense to my proposed slogan, i just though it would be funny to have a shirt like that, seeing as the slogan only speaks the truth.


I wasn’t offended. I just made the idle comment that it wouldn’t be a shirt I could wear to the office. Words like “chick” are not appropriate at work, but out on the trail it is different.

I find the slogan to be humorous, although I have not noticed that my unicycle is a chick magnet. It seems to be quite the opposite. Is its polarity wrong?

Maybe a little sticker on the unicycle that says “unicycle = chick magnet” would do the trick.