New T-shirt design - Unicycle Petroglyph

Hello all,

I’ve been designing a t-shirt and wanted to share my idea.

Front: as pictured below, centered and not excessively large
Back: large petroglyph only

I came up with the 3500 B.C. figure after minimal research. This is about the time of the invention of the wheel, though I don’t know of any petroglyphs in North America during this period.

By no means am I an anthropologist or archeologist. If someone more knowledgeable than me about this can suggest a more appropriate date, I’d be receptive to that.

I intend to refine the petroglyph a bit before printing. If someone is really talented and wants to post a better one, I’d definitely hook them up with a free t-shirt.

My hope is to make this available for somewhere around $15 US including shipping. Shirt color will be similar to the background of the image.

If you are interested in a shirt, please send an email to with the quantity and size you are interested in. Once I have an idea of quantities I will get a quote on printing and determine the final cost of this shirts.

Re: New T-shirt design - Unicycle Petroglyph

George, I think it’s just a matter of whether you’re going for the humor, or are more into factual accuracy. The Moab reference has great name recognition, but any pictographs likely to be found in that region would date in the 400 to 1300 AD range, well after the invention of the wheel. If you’re into feigning accuracy, you might want to cite an ancient Egyptian tomb painting or something dating further back in history.

But that’s just “since you asked”. I’m not recommending such a change, and I’ll buy one of these whether it changes or not.


Looks good… put me down for one, size Large.


Re: New T-shirt design - Unicycle Petroglyph

Correct oringinal to original.

Klaas Bil

Re: Re: New T-shirt design - Unicycle Petroglyph

Correct Bil to Bill and Klaas to Class.

Don’t hit me, Klaas…

Nice color scheme, George!

Yikes, thank you Klaas, I missed that after repeated proof reads.

Tom, I think I’d prefer the Moab reference, and possibly a change of date. Anyone else?

All, what do you think of changing the wording to “original intentions for the wheel” versus “intentions for the invention”?

As one who subscribes to the philosophy, and is well known on this newsgroup for it, particularly as it relates to t-shirt blurbs, that shorter is better and, in fact, decidedly more impactful when thusly stated and excess verbiage is foregone, I would recommend, nay strongly suggest that it say:

“Found in a cave near Moab, Utah this petroglyph, circa 3500 BC, clearly illustrates why the wheel was really invented.”

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Yeah, I think leaving out “the invention of” would be good. Also, should the “m” in “man” be capitalized, since it refers not just to the male gender, but to Mankind in general?


Screw Syntax.

I think as it is now the shirt is a bit wordy, I like the logo and probably would get one like most of the other nerds in the forum just because it has a unicycle on it and I dont nearly have enough crap with unicycles on it yet.

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions, how about this:


Detail of the front:

What if on the front, you put something along the lines of a stickfigure and a wheel… and then on the back you see the unicycle.

Attached is a rough sketch of what I’m thinking, just an idea…

That’s funny, I think I like it. Any other takers?

Yeah but put a “?” over his head when he’s not riding the wheel. I think that handles a lot of the words.

I was thinking the ? would be good too.

Don’t capitalized the “m” in “man’s”. Using the word “man” to indicate humanity is common. It will offend some, but it’s your decision. The use of capitalization in this context adds no meaning whatsoever; if anything it highlights the gender bias, in my opinion. It is simply an inappropriately capitalized word in an otherwise perfectly good sentence.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I like this one too, and the addition of the question mark.

Recommend trimming the words from the original:

“Found in a cave near Mojave, Utah, this petrogylyph, circa 3500 bc, clearly illustrates man’s intention for the invention of the wheel.”

to just:

“This petrogylyph from Mojave, Utah illustrates why man invented the wheel.”

I took out the reference to time because it was a bit redundant (petroglyph = very old drawing), and because it interupted the flow of the sentence. I also changed the voice of the sentence from passive to active by putting the word petroglyph at the front and changing the verb structure a bit. I took out the “clearly” because it conflicts with the question mark.

Nice simple diagrams. Put me down for one extra large!

I don’t think it’s good. Because the picture on the text side (front, where it says this picture) does NOT show man’s original intention with the wheel. I can see a case for the two pictures (front and back) be different, but it needs some more thought.

Klaas Bil

Or there’s always the kokopelli option…